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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey, Quick Survey....and, Yes, I WILL Post those Pics I Promised.....SOON!

Hey!  Just home on Saturday, and dealing with just a tiny bit of jetlag....I WILL post those Halloween cards I was bragging about, very soon, I promise!!  Paris was AMAZING!!!!! 

Meanwhile, I was just reading a bunch of blogs, and I came across one where the writer was talking about cutting all of her 12x12 dp into 6x6 pieces, and then filing them by color.

As I am still new to a lot of this, I was curious as to whether everyone else (or anyone else, for that matter) is doing this. I only use my dp for cards, or at least, so far that's what I do. It sounds like a good idea, but I am unsure whether it's the best one.  Do I need a bigger, better cutter for this??

Anyone have an idea to share on this?

I would definitely not separate according to color, I think, beacuse I like to credit companies when I post a card on my blog. I would need to put the pieces in a marked ziploc or something, I guess.....

What are your thoughts??? 

All Best-


  1. Richard, This is pretty much a personal choice. Everyone stores and cuts their CS differently. Some CS's I buy strictly in 8.5 x 11 size, like GKD Pure Luxury, but others, I buy in 12 x 12. Since I never know until I begin on a project whether I will be working with and A2 card, a 6 x 6 card, scrapbook page, etc., most CS remains uncut until I'm ready to use it. Whatever will work best for you is what you should go with!!! Every day that you play with paper, you'll find yourself physically or mentally rearranging something to better suit your needs! Hope this helped, and didn't confuse you! Hugs!!! P.S. Can't wait to see photos from Paris!

  2. Hi Richard, I don't cut down my 12x12 papers, cos sometimes I like to make envelopes or boxes or some fancy fold mini albums with them. But, I don't have lots of 12x12 papers. I buy mainly 6x6 pads cos they are just perfect for cardmaking. I do have several trimmers though, I have 3 tonic guillotines (12", 8" & 6") and a fiskars trimmer. I find that I like to use different trimmers sometimes. I reckon perhaps you only need one 12" trimmer though. Not sure my comments help, but I reckon you could try different things out and see what works best for you. Have a great day, and I look forward to your cards & pics of Paris! ;)

  3. I couldn't do it! Sometimes I create tall cards that are 8 or 9 inches tall, so they could require larger pieces. Plus, it seems like that would almost take up more space in a way, but that may just be because I store my paper vertically. Welcome back! I'm glad your trip was fabulous! Oh...and as for trimmers - You might want a bigger better one, anyway..I have a Purple Cows trimmer that I absolutely LOVE.

  4. Since I usually get a least one copy of the same DP in a package, I tend to split them and keep 1 at a 12x12 and cut the other down, but ziplock bags ALL THE WAY!
    Welcome back!!! :D

  5. Richard,

    I make almost as many scrapbook pages as I do cards - so I'd really be shooting myself in the foot to cut them down to 6x6. Also - when I'm mass producing a card (such as for a swap) I might need a 1 x 4 inch piece, and if I've got an original 12 x 12 I can cut three out of a 1" strip and maintain larger pieces for other needs later. Hope that makes sense?

  6. well- I am weird and can't do that!!! I leave mine in full sheets in file folders where I can indeed find the correct name!! If I didn't submit at all then I would be all for mixing them up together and filing by color- :) good luck!

  7. Hi Richard, I keep my papers in the 12x12 form. I also scrapbook and make other crafts, so I don't cut anything until I need it. Also, I keep my manufacturers separate so that I can give credit to the company. Plus, some company's have a certain style of paper that you may be looking for to make a certain project. Like October Afternoon or My Mind's Eye, etc. So, I do have many, many folders and 12x12 baggies with all my whole sheets and scraps of papers organized. I do buy 6x6 paper pads for card making, also. Have a great day.

  8. dear richard....


    while it may work for some people, i find it difficult when i want to pleat (which requires a longer length than 6", natch), and often i find a gem of a larger pattern from which i want to cut a very specific piece for a card. also, i do, occasionally, make larger cards, or embellish gift bags or other alterables. besides, 6x6 means i have THAT much more to go through (and believe me, there's plenty already!) when i'm after something.

    at any rate, them's my two cents. i'm new to your blog (found you via Moxie Fab with your banner) and i am now following! super fun ideas and i think imma be here a while just nosin' around!


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