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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mr Cardmaker is All Set

Here in New England, when you don't want what's being offered to you, instead of saying "no thanks", people tend to say, "I'm all set."  I don't get this.  I also don't get/like/appreciate/admire using "no problem" instead of "you're welcome", or even "my pleasure", which is my own prefered phrase.

Anyway, putting my soapbox aside, I made this set--

 These are A2 (4.25"x 5.5") bases, with 4"x 4" white cards attached to them.  I used GinaK Designs "Garden Fresh" set, and My Mind's Eye "Ooh La La" 6x6 paper pad to create these.  To do the carrots, I masked and stamped three of the carrot image, then paper pieced them, popping the center carrot off the surface with some foam adhesive.  You can just see where I used an edge punch to do a pierced scallop edge.
 The red of the mellon is popped up on this one.  Same edge treatment on all of the bases; hard to make out in the photos.
 I love these pears.  I was worried about them at first, because the "skin part prints the color of the ink, and I didn't want to switch away from the black I had been using, but the patterned paper with a bit of green and lots of white carries it all off, I think.
 For the peas, I did a two level dimensional treatment.  The peas are popped 1/8", the pod is up 1/4".  I like the way it looks.
 For this one, I had to mask off the core part of the stamp in order to get a "whole" apple look.  Yum!
The "pulp" part is popped up on the dotted one, and the "pits" are above those.  I am just about "fussy cut" out!!!
The white card stock is from PTI.  These cards don't stand by themselves so well.  I really don't care so much about that.  This may be my favorite thing I have made to date.

Thanks for stopping by!
All Best-

PS--I hope to be able to give you a positive report about our ventures in Real Estate next time I write!!


  1. I like people who stand on soapboxes. I try to stay content-neutral, lately it has been a complete lack of content, but I don't like to. I enjoy other people's opinions.

    You did an amazing job on your layouts! Your placement of the images is pure eyecandy! I can see why it would be a favorite-I love everything about 'em!

  2. I used to live in northern PA/upstate NY area, and while I didn't hear the, "I'm all set," I heard the "No problem" *all* the time....hadn't thought about that in a while.

    Your cards are SO fabulous! Your hands must be tired from all the fussy cutting, but the results are worth it (the pulp on the orange? amazing!). Your masking is terrific, as well. Wow!

  3. I agree with you on the 'No Problem', what is this world coming to! RUDE!

    A side note. Though I am a new follower I choose you! Us guy crafters need to stick together and I truly like what you do.

    Please check out my blog I have chosen you for the Liebster Award! Details I have posted here:

    Thank you for inspiring me,


  4. Speak your mind - don't apologize...the people that mind, don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind. =)

    These are all truly delicious and I for one, am now officially hungry for fruit! Great little touches to add dimension and texture. I can see why you favor them so much! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  5. Ohhh those turned out sooo cute!!! I do love that set!! Fussy cutting sure does produce such a fabulous look...but it is a LOT of work! It's so interesting to hear the different phrases, etc. regionally! I'm Western born and bred....and it's a different culture out here in the rurals! You should come visit!!

  6. I'm the one over here in the corner jumping up and down and all around like a complete lunatic exclaiming at the top of my lungs how AWESOME-ICAL these cards are! Holy WOW...I LOVE THEM!!!!
    Virtual high five. :D
    Lisa xx

  7. WOW, RICHARD! SO happy I have found your blog thru Colin. Your cards are just terrific and very distinctive in their design. Just a fab blog and I know I am going to enjoy following you. Stop on by my blog for a visit. I live in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Utah...dang wish you lived closer would love to have a cropping party! So nice to get to meet you!
    Cindy Porter

  8. What a great set! The papers are perfect for these sweet stamps. Love it!

  9. Love your cards. They are soooo cute and unique.

  10. Your cards are wonderful! So glad you were chosen for Moxie Fab, AND that one of your top fav is Gina! I adore her stamps, and she is the loveliest Lady! I will be visiting your blog ALL the time!


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