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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mr Cardmaker is Krazy....

I know I have been MIA and probably AWOL to some of you, but I am in the throes of MOVING, and just too nutz to think.  I HAVE been making cards, though, and I will get with you all asap.

Here's something to peek at while I am running nuts....

Martha punch, all SU papers, GinaK Designs stamps, random buttons and twine.

Simple, but effective.

Mr Cardmaker misses you!!!

All Best-


  1. This is a real cool card.
    Happy moving. :)

  2. Don't forget to breathe, dear sir! Hope your moving process is going well - it's never easy! I decided a long time ago that 'move' is a four letter word :) Your card is awesome! Someone will be very happy to receive it. Thanks for sharing - take care of yourself!

  3. Miss you too, Richard, but I totally relate to your craziness; am there, doing that. Breathe deep & good luck with the move. Your card is fab & fun! :)

  4. I love this! Such a fun banner design and the background is great! I hope the moving is going well! We have done the across the country thing a few times, to I KNOW how it is! Yikes!

  5. Hey Richard!

    I'm a new follower here! I found your blog via my blog bud Colin at Crimson Cricut. I went through some of your projects and posts and I can tell you're my kind of blogger! You do beautiful work and seem to have a great sense of humor! (snark free it!!)

    When you get all settled from your move I'd love to have you stop on in sometime. I'm looking forward to more fabulous creations!

    Take care!


  6. This is the neatest compilation of abstractness I think I've seen in awhile and it's WONDERFUL!!! Love your folded sentiment that has a total origami feel to it. Excellent flow and movement and zig zags everywhere. LOL...this must represent you at the moment. They, whoever they are, say that your work reflects your life.
    Continued blessings on the move and I look forward to seeing more when you all get settled in.
    Great work here, Richard!
    Lisa xx

  7. Hey Richard! It was so good to see you stopped by and was so appreciated. Wow, talk about happy/sad news regarding your moving. . .Jay and I are putting our house on the market this Spring/Summer and I am dreading the packing/moving/unpacking. I wish you guys the best in your new place. Love what you did with the sentiment piece on this. It is so unique! Best, Curt

  8. Hi Richard Wow love you card. I know I havent been on your blog much but I wanted to let you know you won an award on my blog.


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