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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blog love for Clearly Besotted Stamps!

Photo and Artwork Source:Stephanie Wincott

Hey Readers! 

The lovely and uber-talented Stephanie Wincott over at Stamping and Sharing has some amazing news!  She's started her own stamp line, and she's starting to sell them TOMORROW!  The line is called Clearly Besotted Stamps, and I have to tell you, she has some BEAUTIFUL things here! 

I have only seen a small number of her stamps in action, but she has some lovely samples on her blog right now, and there is MORE on her Pinterest page!  Please check out Stephanie and Clearly Besotted Stamps, and if you feel like it, send her some words of encouragement.  She ROCKS!!

PS...When you get to the Pinterest page, you'll immediately think there are no pins there, because of the way the page is organized.  SCROLL DOWN!  Don't miss her Signature Christmas set, and  her Twinkle Toes set, for the ballerina in your life! 
It looks like there are SO MANY sets on their way. I can't wait to see them ALL.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing me.  Now go see Stephanie!

All Best-


  1. first- WOWSERS. KNOCKED my socks off with these Richard- LOVE the cas design! You ROCKED it here!! def casing these!! ;)
    and second, off to check out new stamps! hope you are well, thanks for your oh so sweet words the other day on my blog! Starting to come out of shake off this last surgery finally!!

    1. Oh, no.....This picture is just to give an example of Stephanie's stamps. This is her work! I actually mention this right next to the picture. Isn't she great?? Sorry for any confusion!

  2. Richard, I cannot thank you enough for this lovely post, I really am incredibly touched - I appreciate your support so very much! Thank you also for your kind comments on my blog, which always make me smile :) BTW, I have tried to leave comments on your posts before but I think my browser struggles with the word verification because they never show - just mentioning it incase other people may have the same problem x


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