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Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Fix 3

Wow, we have the nicest morning here in Michigan, beautiful clear sky and the SUN!  I am going outside! 

Well, today's Fix was a tough one for me.  Honestly, I should've could've just pitched this one, mostly because of the spacing, but once I put an hour into something, I will spend another to make it all happen (apparently).  You tell me whether it worked this time, or not!

So, I made this--

This was made with SU's Pennant Parade, and my new Celebrate set from Avery Elle, as well as Hero Arts' Birthday Messages set.  I paper pieced the cake, and I used that two sided mustard paper for the banners to bring out the mustard color in the background paper.  I was starting to feel the undertow of "card FAIL" starting to happen, so I tossed the glitter paper strip and the pearls on at the last minute.  The twine I used for the bows immediately unraveled upon snipping, and I just sort of hated the whole thing.    Why?  Well, the die cut is way too big, and the sentiment is not in a sweet spot at all.  If I had been thinking, I would have placed it lower, and trimmed off the bottom, at least.  *SIGH*

So, I went with the world's greatest fix-all--GLITTER!  Or, in this case, MORE GLITTER!

I did this--

Well, nothing a little bling won't cure  help!!  I decided that there was WAY too much mustard going on, so I punched some glitter flags and adhered them to the existing ones. 
Then I added some red rhinestones to the corners, and got rid of those sad, sad blue and white bows, and replaced them with some happy happy (er) red and white ones. 
Since I had the rhinestones out, I added them to some of the little asterisks on the die cut, and while I was at it, I stamped more of them too.  Just because I thought it would help fill some unwanted negative space, I also added that tiny strip of glitter to the sentiment piece, as well.  Hey, in for a penny...
The last thing was to add some red Stickles to the red card stock piece, to help bring together all the red shiny stuff. 
And that's that.  Like I said, This is STILL not the greatest, but at least I won't be embarrassed to sent it to somebody at this point.
So, I guess the question is, when do you decide whether or not to even BOTHER with doing a fix on something?  I think, for me, it all depends on whether or not I get the thing put away in the card stash fast enough, or if it's sitting there staring at me, shaming me for doing "that" to it!
Speaking of the card stash, I have to dig through it to see what the next Friday Fix will be.  I think there's some in there from about 4 years ago, and they'll certainly be in need of some love!
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

So, I am down to the wire to enter the Paper Crafts Connection's March Gallery Challenge , so I am whipping together this posting.  This time it was a country-themed challenge.  My country tends to be more French-based.  My apologies to my US Country fans.

My photos are not so great this time, since I used my phone to take them, and did them on an open watercolor paper pad.  Whew, talk about making do!

I made this--

Ok, this is from a TPC Studio set I got at JoAnn's for $3.00.  Yup. I also used eggs from a GinaK Designs set, and a single "merci" stamp from Avery Elle (which came free with my order, btw.  Mr. Cardmaker is not called CHEAP ,uh, FRUGAL for nothing!)

I also made this--

On this one, I was playing around with layering some stamps.  I thought the layered borders, ending up in the GRASS was really kind of funny, but as you know, I am weird that way.

When I was doing my stamping, I did it all, and then hit the whole panel with a water sprayer, which gave me that nice spotty effect.  I kinda dig it.

So, not to count my chicks before they hatch, but I am hoping these get me some shopping "scratch!"

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fix 2

So, it seems that I do indeed make enough "wop wop" cards to continue with this "Friday Fix" idea!
While I ponder whether that is really a good or bad thing, let's forge ahead!

Anyway, I made this--

This is done with Papertrey Ink's Up Up and Away stamps and dies, and A*Muse Studio's Cloud Duo dies.  I used the cloud stamps to make what should be treetops there on the bottom.  Really, not a bad card, but just nothing really special about it.  Yawn, even.
So, I got out some patterned papers, and the cloud dies and got to work making this more interesting.
Now, my grand scheme is to be able to make stuff better without having to rip stuff apart. Time will tell, as I go on, whether or not this will be possible.  Stay tuned.
Anyway, here's what I came up with-

Better, right?
There's just more "There" there. Why?

The patterned clouds give you a more eye-catching visual, not to mention that more clouds are just "more" to look at. 

The "treetops", whether your eye sees them as trees or just ground or bushes or whatever, have a stronger presence, and makes the whole "airborne" feeling of the balloons even stronger. I love that I got so much "landscaping" done from only two die cuts! (and the award for most quote marks in a single post goes to.....!)

No really huge changes here, and that, is my point.  Often, it doesn't take a huge amount of changes to improve your work.  Sometimes, it just wants a little "flair"!  (Yes, I used them again.  Keep on reading, I may do it yet again!)

So, dig out some of those cards you aren't sending because you just don't love them, and get your flair on.

More to come!

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Happy Weekend!
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Many Layers that Are Mr Cardmaker

Ok, so there's two.  At least, in this instance.

So, I got this urge to make a project or two with some vellum.  I find vellum to be a tricky substance.  It warps if you look at it funny, and woe be unto you if you try to emboss it! 
Just stamp it, leave to dry (a looong time, just to be sure) and hope for the best. 

Anyway, I made these things--

One is note sized because I SMEARED it.  As one does. 

Anyway, see this lovely scene?  Flowers and leaves, and the sun, and a butterfly even.  Yeah, right, whatever.
But WAIT!  There's more to this than meets the eye!

Watch what happens when you lift the vellum--

Now go back and look at it the other way.  I'll wait here.  Go on....

Pretty cool, right?  I need to practice my sun's rays technique, I think, but isn't it kinda fun??
Like a "two-fer".  Sorta.

I thought this was fun.  I think if I go here again, I will try to avoid a huge flower over my sun and sentiment, but all in all, I kind of like this.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mr Cardmaker here, Reporting (and making stuff, too).

I have been asked about how this chipmunk card I made went over from Valentine's Day, and I finally have my report. 
Well, it was a BIG hit!  They BOTH loved it, and apparently, it is now living on an easel on a shelf at the lovely recipients home.  I would never boast about the payment, but I will say that the generosity was MIND BOGGLING. I am humbled, and I am shopping.

My friend, the very sweet Ms. B from Venice, FL, noticed that the background paper I used coordinated perfectly with some stamps she had, so she gifted me some wonderful stamped diecuts from her PTI Pretty Peonies stamp set.  This was a set that you were able to buy with customer points, and I can no longer find it on the website, so I assume it's gone.  You can still buy the dies, however, and there are some nice label shapes, and a great "happy" die.  I am currently LOVING diecut words.  I may have to buy these dies one day.

Anyway, using some of her handiwork, I made this--

The paper goes SO well, right??  This paper was from a Sale-a-Bration at Stampin'Up!. from two years ago, I believe.  I understand you can still get it, but I will have to check on that.  I love the diecuts with this! 
I layered up the "happy" diecuts, creating a shadow effect, and popped the brown one up with pieces of dimensionals; I did the same with the frame (This was NOT done with the PTI dies, btw.  Spellbinders Labels four). 
I also popped up the leaves and popped up the peony on top of those.  I added some Stickles to the frame, because I do like my sparkles, don'tcha know.

I am glad I did not designate exactly "what" we were being happy about.  It can be a birthday card, a congratulatory card, or even a happy-you-finally-booted-the sucker-out divorce card.  If I change my mind, I can always make a tiny banner strip with some sentiment and insert it into the frame under the "happy".  I doubt I will, though.  I like it as is.

Thanks, B., for the treats!  I love them!!  Isn't is NICE to have such wonderful friends out there?!

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