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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fix 2

So, it seems that I do indeed make enough "wop wop" cards to continue with this "Friday Fix" idea!
While I ponder whether that is really a good or bad thing, let's forge ahead!

Anyway, I made this--

This is done with Papertrey Ink's Up Up and Away stamps and dies, and A*Muse Studio's Cloud Duo dies.  I used the cloud stamps to make what should be treetops there on the bottom.  Really, not a bad card, but just nothing really special about it.  Yawn, even.
So, I got out some patterned papers, and the cloud dies and got to work making this more interesting.
Now, my grand scheme is to be able to make stuff better without having to rip stuff apart. Time will tell, as I go on, whether or not this will be possible.  Stay tuned.
Anyway, here's what I came up with-

Better, right?
There's just more "There" there. Why?

The patterned clouds give you a more eye-catching visual, not to mention that more clouds are just "more" to look at. 

The "treetops", whether your eye sees them as trees or just ground or bushes or whatever, have a stronger presence, and makes the whole "airborne" feeling of the balloons even stronger. I love that I got so much "landscaping" done from only two die cuts! (and the award for most quote marks in a single post goes to.....!)

No really huge changes here, and that, is my point.  Often, it doesn't take a huge amount of changes to improve your work.  Sometimes, it just wants a little "flair"!  (Yes, I used them again.  Keep on reading, I may do it yet again!)

So, dig out some of those cards you aren't sending because you just don't love them, and get your flair on.

More to come!

Thanks so much for dropping by!
Happy Weekend!
All Best-


  1. Richard I love this post! And I love the changes you made and all of your quote marks! A great card and some giggling with my morning coffee! A happy Friday morning for sure! I have a ton of cards that need to be "fixed" myself....perhaps today! Seriously love the additions you made!!! It truly is "FAB!"

    :) Jill

  2. Beautiful Richard. I say you can never have too much dimension, so your second version of this card is AMAZING! Love hot air balloons, and looking at them among your clouds is fabulous!

  3. This turned out AWESOME! I love this card!

  4. Great "save" Richard. What a difference the patterned paper die-cuts make! Love this card!

  5. WOW!!!Very pretty,Love the stamp,Have a good weekend...

  6. YAY, am enjoying your new feature! I was thinking your first card was pretty well-done, and then I saw your second card ... LOVE it ! The notebook paper is just enough pattern to be interesting without taking away from the fact that they are clouds (like how only a few clouds get this treatment). And the ground is so much more prominent now, to emphasize the sky. Such well thought-out changes!

  7. Both are "great" but the second one is, of course, "greater". Little "tip" - when you cut your diecuts, cut two different papers and then "try them on" before gluing, so you can change your mind without "tearing apart". Thanks for "sharing". B : )

  8. What a wonderful post, Richard! I love the "take it up a notch" concept, and your choice of paper for the additional clouds. So innovative!

  9. I am truly impressed! The changes on this card are so amazing and with just a little extra added and only 2 die's truly gorgeous what you've done to "revamp" the look! Absolutely Moxie fab :D

  10. Rip cards apart (!?)......I'm such a make work project, I just make another card!?
    Yours are great, I love the patterned clouds!

  11. They're both fabulous, but I LOVE the second with the pattern paper added in! I never thought to use the clouds for treetop/land! Brilliant!

  12. OMG! What a world of difference the ledger clouds and bottom border made! Wonderful - sometimes it's hard to know when to stop but I think this is PERFECT!! It has an edgy feel to it even!


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