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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh Woe.....

My server won't let me upload pictures.  I have no idea why, or even what that means, but I am NOT a happy camper. 

Anyone out there with computer savvy that can help me out???


  1. I am sooo disappointed Mr. Cardmaker!
    I had trouble a couple months ago, and just blamed blogger.

    I had to upload mine to Picassa, then on to the blog.
    It's free with your google account.

    About a month later, it let me download them again! WTH!?
    Anyhoo, good luck!

  2. Wellll, hope someone can help you soon. I'm having "Mr. Cardmaker" withdrawal. I'm definitely missing your posts!

  3. I will most certainly need extensive therapy for my withdrawal pains....perhaps some retail therapy? Hope you get things figured out soon!

  4. Haven't kept up my blog in years so not familiar with Blogger's goings on anymore, but I do know the best thing to do with ANY computer glitch is to turn it all off, unplug everything (modem and router included)both from the electric and from the computer, wait at least 30 seconds (a few hours is better) and then put it all back together and see what happens. If you call any support group for help, they'll make you do that anyway, so try doing it first. Good luck. Miss you : )

  5. Picture uploading in blogger is known to have problems if you are using Internet explorer? Switch to Firefox and problem should least that is what worked for me a couple of months ago....
    (I am typing this again because I am not sure if my last reply made it! I am on my iPhone....)

  6. Yikes, Friday is coming up! Maybe nothing will get fixed this week?! Strange as it seems, I have had luck with what Jill said, only the opposite way (Firefox to IE). Good luck, I feel for you!

  7. I had this problem yesterday with my blog. I, also, have BlogSpot. I clicked on tools, then on internet options and deleted temporary files, history, cookies.... It let me upload today. Hope that helps!


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