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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mr Cardmaker Gets Negative (And Feels Really Positive About That)

You know how sometimes you get an idea in your head, and it just won't leave you alone until you do something about it? 

I bought these Labels Twenty-two dies from Spellbinders, and while making a die cut with one of them, it came to me that if I centered it just so, I could use the negative to make a card.  So I did. Oh, the card I could make with this!!
And it sat.
And sat.
I kept looking at it, putting it aside, contemplating just tossing it....and THEN!


I made this--


So, the problem with wanting to use a die negative to make a card is that there's a big hole in your card. uh, Hello!
 I decided to go Springy and bright, so I got out the Lucky Limeade card stock, and filled that sucker in, nice and tight, making sure it would NEVER fall apart.
Then, I decided to stamp. After. Wop, wop......
What followed was a lengthy series of masks and cursing, with a (finally) decent medallion motif at the end of it all. I sponged some white into the center of the medallions, and onto the edges of the sentiment tag.  I was sort of looking for an early morning mist kind of feel, despite my use of really bold colors.
The flowers started with Melon Mambo card stock, which I sponged with white ink to texture things up.  I crumpled them up in my hand (a good thing to do after the aforementioned stamping debacle) before assembling them with a white mini brad.  The leaves are more medallions, punched out, cut into sections, and crumpled up.  After adding the flowers to the card, I added tiny dots of Glossy Accents to make it look like dewdrops.
The sentiment tag is just a strip that I gave an edge to by slipping it into Modern Label punch from SU.  The punch itself would have been too small, so this works.  The sentiment is from GinaK Designs' Enjoy the Sunshine set.
A few green rhinestones, and that's that.  Oh, I will need to make a big envelope for this one, since it's about 1/2" thick.  No biggie. (Famous last words)
So that's my story, and I'm sticking with it.  Uh, PLANNING would be the watchword for today.  I would probably have been able to pump this baby out TONS faster, if only I had thought the whole thing through first.  Live and learn. 
 We're off to Chicago for the holiday weekend.  Any plans for you??
Thanks for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. These flowers are wonderful, Richard! All of your colors are bright and vibrant. Very pretty.

  2. It's always fun to read your designing process! I am glad that you persevered and churned out this beauty at the end! You could have just said that you designed this card under 10 minutes and we would have believed you as you are THE Mr. Card Maker! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love what you did with the flower leaves. This is such a bright beautiful and cheery card.
    The flowers are lovely and what you did with the negative is really cool.

  4. Oh you clever man! Some times we find the best things by accident! This looks wonderful - I love the bright colors and so many things about this - how the pattern continues inside the window, the dew drops, and the sprinkle of gems!

  5. Um. Plan ahead? What's that? Your card turned out so beautifully! Great idea, and such pretty colors. You rocked it today, Mr. CardMaker! Have fun in Chicago!

  6. WOW!Beautiful card,Awesome colors,Love your flowers,You have a good weekend!Not doing much staying home!!!

  7. This is a great card!
    Sorry it was so painful...........I do that!
    We had a long weekend last week, and I did yard work...... sigh!
    Have a wonderful time in Chicago

  8. O dear, you make me laugh! Well, yes, there would be a hole in the card!
    It looks very interesting. I can't tell exactly what you did with the green part - but the colors look great together!
    Enjoy your holiday - I'm planning to scrapbook!!!

  9. Wonderful card! I love the colors you used. Really wonderful together.

  10. words...I need words, but at the moment my mind and tongue are all discombobulated with excitement and wonder! In my head there's a joyous applaud of accolades for you over the beauty of this card, but the specific descriptive words are mixing up and producing something like this...jspaisfenwerenffeandf! See? It's like a huge hole in the word part of my brain. ;)
    Crumpled leaves...AWESOME!!!! Gorgeous card...dew drops, white inking....nailed it!!! Love it!

  11. Well, all of the cursing and frustration was hopefully worth it, as your card is beautiful! And congrats on the Oozak DT spot!


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