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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fix: Guts

Don't you love it when you get a new toy tool, and have to play work with it the second you unwrap it?

Well, when I got my hearts trio punch from Stampin' Up a year or so ago, I punched up a storm!  Then I gathered up all my little hearts, and I made this--

Aw.  How trite cute.  No, this is nice, really.  But there's no ka-boom.  I NEED my ka-boom!

So, I revisited this card.  Not so much to do on the outside, really.  Let's see about the inside.

Oh yeah--

Ka-boom!  I added a die cut from Papertrey Ink's Movers and Shakers die set, and attached white hearts to it.  I like the colorless contrast to the front with all the colors.

Now, if a big old heart-laden spring thing isn't some ka-boom factor, I just don't know from ka-boom (and I think I DO know something about ka-boom, ya'll.  Just sayin'...).

Go make yourself some ka-boom, now.  Go on!
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  1. Way to add the Kay-Boom factor! :). Love it!

  2. Ka-Boom, indeed!! I tend to spend so much time on the outside of the card that I quite often neglect the guts of the card. The spring of white hearts looks fab! And you've got some nice flow happening on the front of the card. Well done, Richard!

  3. WOW!Love it!The outside of your card is very pretty,love the colorful hearts,The inside is AWESOME!!!!

  4. This card makes my heart go kaboom - and that's without seeing the inside. I just love it. Kind of reminds me of the Pennsylvania Dutch artwork....only prettier : ) Thanks!

  5. Hot dang...that's a Ka-Boom for sure!


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