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Monday, June 3, 2013

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Well, I was given some stamps recently, by a Ms. Windy Ellard.  I made THESE cards with them, and I LOVE the stamps so much. 
She included the sweetest little mini card with them, with the nicest message. 
Oh, I just have this bad photo, but you can get the idea...

So cute, yes?  Sweet punches, a little stamping, some brads, badaboom.
Love this.

But mini cards?  Whaddat?  I have heard little mumblings about these things, but I had not known their virtues until now.  Small. Good to stick into or onto things.  You could even stick them onto a full-sized card (Hey, let's not get all crazy, now!).

So I had to make a couple, just to give it a go.
Let me be the first to admit that a 3"x3" card kicked my prodigious butt.
Hours.  It took HOURS to combine the right shapes, colors, inks, whathaveyous to get this thing designed.  I swear, sometimes my brain forgets to release the emergency break.

Anyway, I ended up happy with these, with one reservation.
I made this--

Whew.  Well, there it is.  Not too bad.  I stamped a little, punched some, embossed a bit, die cut some stuff.  Cute.  THIS SHOULD NOT TAKE HOURS, I'm thinking.....
This is all Stampin' Up supplies here, by the way.  I'm still a demo for a few more weeks, unless y'all need to buy something.  I'm no salesman, it seems.  No biggie.  But seriously, if y'all need something, I can order it for you.....*sigh*

Anyway, I made a small set of them--

Now, you can't make 3x3 envelopes and mail these.  The USPS won't take them, so don't try it. 
You could stick them in a regular envelope, but then why not just make a regular sized card?
Make the envelopes, and use them as enclosures, or put them with a thank you gift (which I really don't do too, too much).Or, hey!  You could leave them on your pillow for your host(ess) to find at your next overnight with friends!  Cute, right?
Try these things!  You can put the components (and some adhesive) into your bag, and assemble them at the coffee shop.  Think of all the conversations that'll start!  Being a guy, I think I'd get more weird looks than interested conversation, but you gotta be you, you know?

Hey, Happy Monday, and thanks for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. Those are wonderful!
    I too get sucked into making 3 X 3's once in a while!
    Cause they're so darn cute.
    I give them, with envelopes (which SU carries) to my mom, who's always in need of Thank Yous.
    She can deal with them!

  2. These are super cute!!! I agree, make the little envies anyhow..I made some small cards a while back and made a little box to hold them....great combo of colors, too!!

  3. Bwahahaha! I know exactly what you mean re:hours! These are really cute, and it sounds like you have such nice friends! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Richard you make me lol!
    Love these sweet little cards!
    Might have to try it as I have lots of scraps that would be put to good use!

  5. Those are indeed cuteness!!! I love your combination of dies and it's really a great little card set! It would make a perfect little hostess gift! I really love making little 3x3 cards!! Not that I've used them much actually now upon reflection! LOL

  6. They turned out great - your inspiring me to give the mini card a go myself! Love all the layers and bright colors. I get the whole hours thing too - think of it as putting together a puzzle - that's what I do!! HAHA!!


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