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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mr Cardmaker's Nephew is a Graduating Guy (2013!! 2013!!)

Well, the nephew Jason is a graduating kind of guy.  He's finishing up, having a last summer at home, then off to college in the fall.  Lordy Bees, that happened fast.

To help celebrate, I made him a card.  Then I stuck a check into it.  Because that's what we do, the uncles.

I made this--

The school colors are navy and orange, so that's where I went with this card.  The background to the numbers is actually navy, not black, but you know how navy photographs....

I absolutely LOVE, no LURVE hot air balloons and clouds.  Always have.  One day, I will go up in a balloon (if Charlie lets me.  He's a scaredy cat).  In France, please.

oh, but I digress.  So....yeah! Balloons, and clouds.  So pleasant.  So hopeful.  So peaceful.
(yeah, I KNOW all about the loud fire thing part.  Shhh...)

I always smile about the way a graduating class thinks they OWN the year.  The way the guys scream it at each others' faces after the ceremony.....good times.  I figured it would do well on the card, big and orange.  And, why not stamped with a hounds tooth pattern?  Oh yeah, I coated the card stock with clear embossing powder before cutting the numbers.  Shiny is good!

Here's another view for depth, and possibly a little better color--

Yes, that IS a better view, I think.

Thanks for stopping by.
Do me a favor and stop the clock for a while, would ya?  Or at least slow it down?

All Best--


  1. Fantastic graduate card, Richard. Love the bold year along the side.

  2. Richard this is the best card!!! I love the shading, the edged clouds, the 2013 with the shine and stamping! Your nephew will love it....and the check of course! Did I mention I have 6 nieces and nephews myself?

  3. Oh, wow! This is gorgeous! I love the inking on the balloons!

  4. Awesome card, Richard! Perfect way to acknowledge this special time for your nephew! Yahoo!

  5. Great job on your Graduation card, Richard! Love your shiny numbers, and your nephew will be tickled with the card, and the money! Second view makes the balloons look so real! We had a chance several years ago, to go up in a hot air balloon for a few hours. It was amazing! Scared? You bet! Would I go again? YOU BET! Next, is skydiving, AND ziplining - have never done those things... Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great card!Very Pretty!Love the balloons,AWESOME colors!!!

  7. Awesome card, Richard! Have fun when you take a hot air balloon ride. I'll stay down here and hold the grass down.

  8. Wonderful graduation card - love the balloons and the shading on them. Sky's the limit right? Wonderful inked edges and distressing too!

  9. This card rocks Richard! Love the way the balloon and clouds are colored! And the texture on the houndstooth is amazing! It really brings so much to those numbers!

    Big congrats to your nephew! Sometimes I wish that time would move slower, but that's what makes these moments so special, right?

  10. That is simply stunning! If you want peaceful and quiet, check out a glider - beautiful to watch and I hear they're wonderful to be in too.

  11. seriously you breathed new life into that PTI stamp set! love the card


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