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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oozak is Back!

Well, my computer died this week, and I went through MAJOR withdrawal symptoms.  I have a shiny new laptop now, so I am in the process of learning lots of new things with Windows 8.  Only one call to the Geek Squad so far, so we're doing well!

For Oozak's bi-monthly challenge, which is an "anything with sentiments", I created a card with COPICS!  I am SO not a copic artist, but I actually had tons of fun doing this card.
Head over to Oozak, and play along!

I made this--
I used my old favorite Inkadinkadoo flowers stamps, along with my brand new (!) sentiments for Wplus9.  I think my favorite part is where I used my Wax White (G20) pen to outline the images. 
Did you know that if you use a 2-way glue pen on a doily, you get awesome glue coverage, and then the doily basically melts right onto whatever you are gluing to?  It's awesome.  Try it.
For those little flowers, I stacked up three different levels of foam adhesive to give some really awesome dimension.  I do wish I had a better photo, but, you can trust me!
Hope you have a great Father's Day.  Remember to say hi to Dad today; whether it's to a face, a phone, or to the skies above. 
Thanks for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. Wonderful card Richard! I love the doily tip and your flowers! That sentiment is fun! :)
    Hope you enjoy your day! I am still figuring out windows 8 myself! YouTube helps!

  2. Cheryl G
    Nice card! I'm wondering about your ghost white pen. Details?

    1. Cheryl-- I meant to say my WAX white copic marker(G20), not Ghost white. I have no idea where I got that idea from...Maybe from the G. Oh, for dumb...I have changed it in the post.

    2. Cheryl G - Too funny!

  3. Very pretty card!Love your flowers,great coloring,Have a good day!!!

  4. Congrats on your new shiny laptop! I can relate to "new devices" as I'm traveling and trying to use my I-pad for everything. Being a P/C girl there is quite a learning curve!!! I love your card! The strong colors and awesome and your sentiments are fun! Nice work!

  5. ohhhh fun....melty stuff...MUST try!! Beautiful card with the copic blending of colors and I'm very happy for your new little metal friend :)


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