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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yup, I'm Going With Quirky.

Sometimes, things just work out.  And sometimes, weird works.  And sometimes, you just go on with your bad self.

I had that kind of day, recently.

On that day, I made this--

I bought a bunch of sequins.  Can you tell?

I love this stamp set by Claudine Helmuth Studio.  It's called "So Retro", and has great glasses, a suitcase, a phone, and other stuff.  It's great, really.

Anyway, things just sort of fell into place on this card.  The weirdness of the typewriter in the lovely floral context is weird, right?  BUT!!!  Because of the letter paper, it really works!
(Hey, it's MY card!)

I remembered, somewhere in the windmills of my mind, that once upon a time the qwerty keys on a typewriter (AKA the home row, I believe) were sometimes done in red keys, so I went for it here.  Anything for more color!  I DO wish my happy birthday sentiment was a teensy bit smaller so it would fit just perfectly, but it'll do as is.

Quirky.  That's what I'm calling this one.  Yup, quirky.  I like it!

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back and see me.
All Best-


  1. ASDFJKL; - That's what I think of most about typewriters...I'm old and learned keyboarding when it was still called "typing" LOL.

    Love this card and fun, happy images!!

  2. I absolutely love it and all it's eclectic goodness! Fabulous card!

  3. Oh, rocked another one! This might be my favorite of yours, in all of its awesomeness! Great job :-)

  4. Love quirky...I even have a stamp that says should enter this in the Let's Get Trendy challenge, it's sequins...the link is on my blog if interested!!

  5. When I scrolled down and saw this card I said to myself " CA - UTE!!" Having been a clerical type person for many many years, the flowers and the typewriter make perfect sense, in fact it's like being home on a good day. Who doesn't like flowers on their desk??? Just love this card - thanks for sharing.

  6.'s brilliant!!!! Geez, so much fun happening on this card and tons of fun to stare at. Nicely done here my friend.


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