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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mr Cardmaker Digs Through His Archives

I found this photo of my Mom's Mother's Day card, and I realized that I hadn't shared it with you here at the blog.  I am having a heat-induced loss of mojo, (that, and the fact that I turn 50 in two weeks), I am taking the opportunity to share some older things.

I made Mom this--

I very much dig this giant butterfly stamp from Stampin' Up, and I paired it with several stamps from other companies.  The styles are often really different when I do that, but I think if you keep it to a handful of styles (yet more than just two), you can have success  doing it.

The flowers are from a SU/Sizzix  die, and the leaves are a single Sizzix die. I colored some of the leaves with a "direct to paper" inking technique, and edged the flowers with a dauber.  I left the petals super flat, but I popped up each layer with foam adhesive.  Something different from the usual curling that is done on petals and leaves.

I actually remembered to do something to the envelope this time, too!  More good stuff, all the time!

Overall, I was happy the way it looked kind of deep and cool.  I think layering stamps is becoming a go-to move for me!

I am WAITING for my house numbers to come from Etsy, STILL.  It hasn't been any longer than what they told me; I am just impatient.  I want to take photos and show off a bit!!  Soon, I am sure...

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  1. Oooooo Richard, this is very pretty! I love the calm greens and you are correct - that giant butterfly stamp is awesome! Nice work!

  2. Beautiful card - that ginormous butterfly is such a gem! So pretty, and easily paired with other stamps and embellies. Can't wait to see your photos - hope those house numbers get there for you soon. Have a good day ;)

  3. Wow! I've been layering stamps more often too - it really can be interesting. Can't wait to see the house pix.

  4. Great card! I've been eyeballing that butterfly stamp.
    That's it, pretty sure I don't 'need' it!
    Can't wait for the house pictures.

  5. Gorgeous card! I love the layering and the butterfly is beautiful. I'm looking forward to see your house numbers. Have a great birthday - you're getting to an age where life really begins. Have a great day! :-)

  6. OOH, I love that big butterfly stamp! Your card is beautiful! Can't wait to see your house pics. We just had all new windows put into ours this past week, lived through a week of reno, but it was so worth it!

  7. This is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous card!

  8. George Burns once said, "young, old...just words." Turning 50 wasn't as bad for me as turning 30...LOL Happy early birthday, and welcome to the "over 50" club. =)

    This is a wonderful mother's day card, and I love the life-size butterfly and the 3d flowers are a perfect compliment to this great card.


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