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Monday, January 16, 2012

Mr Cardmaker is LATE for a Date! 365 of them, to be Precise...

Well, I really got a LATE start on anything to do with a calendar, but I did one anyway. 
Now, a calendar is a WONDERFUL way to get really creative, with twelve creative opportunities for each one!  Sounds fun, right?

LATE is not the way to begin this project.  Nor is the idea to "just make one."  This "just one" thing takes FOREVER to produce, and you (you=ME) will haul out every stamp you ever owned to figure the thing out.

However, I made this--

Ohhhh, this is not a great picture.  So much for the collage function on my Picasa program. Let me add some single shots.....

I 'll keep them small, so your wrist doesn't get tired scrolling down forever. 
The supply list is pretty extensive-
Jan-SU and Studio G stamps, Distress ink, Colorbox ink
Feb-TPC Studio stamps, Distress ink, Delicata gold ink
March- Fiskars stamps, Studio G inks
April- SU and Studio G stamps, Studio G inks
May- SU and GinaK Designs stamps, Studio G inks
June- no stamps, Distress inks, Studio G inks, white gel pen
July- GinaK Designs and SU  stamps, Distress ink, SU ink, Delicata ink
Aug- SU stamp and Ink
Sept- Fiskars stamps, Memento ink, copic markers
Oct- Studio G stamp, Memento ink, copic marker
Nov- SU stamp, Studio G inks
Dec- SU stamp and ink, sakura stardust pen

So, some months are more exciting than others, and there could be so much more done to the edges, AND there could be some dp used as backing or something, but I think I got really overwhelmed after March started.   I do think that's where I got my stride.  By August, I was getting panicky, because the mess was ENORMOUS, and dinner should've been started about 20 minutes before....I decided to do takeout after I did September.  That one was fun.  The Sakura stardust pen did a lot for December; I wish you could see it in this pic.

ANYWAY!  I learned.  I had some creative FUN.  And it doesn't suck or anything, really, so......

I will go at this idea again IN TIME to make some gifts for 2013.  I have a feeling some themes will be revisited! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope your 2012 is off to a great start!
All Best-


  1. Ha ha, it for sure, certainly, does not suck! You silly man! What a fabulous set! My favorite is September, but they are all so beautiful! I love that you mixed things up and used different stamps! Great job, sir!

  2. Richard... love this calendar! How fun it's going to be to see one of your masterpieces each time the 1st of the month rolls around. :)

  3. Seriously Richard! This is the bestiest of bestest calendars! What an unbelievable project. I never would have found my way out of the supplies. Kudos to you for this amazing endeavor. Every single month is just WOW. Love the layout of each of them. I'm maybe a bit partial, but coffee on September.....AWE...wait for it....SOME!

  4. Oh, Richard! I LOVE this project. I wish you had made more than one, though, so you could send it to me!!! :)

  5. FABULOUS! i just LOVE these! i'm a very 'seasonal' person and i appreciate how you made each month special by highlighting something especially for that month. LOVE June! and January, oh! and April, October is creepy, but it needs to be, right? November makes me long for Autumn and I can smell the pine trees of December...know what? this project ROCKS!TFS!


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