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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 2013 Papertrey Blog Hop!

I made some cards to enter into a special issue of Paper Crafts Mag that deals with masculine cards.  Well, that sorta didn't work out for me.  I do not like to pay retail for my crafting supplies, and subsequently, I end up with many things that are no longer available for sale at retailers.  Yeah....That idea really rules out getting published, like EVER.  Everyone wants things they can readily get, so they can duplicate your ideas 100%. 

Don't we crafters FROWN on  that idea?  CASE-ing, yes, but copying?  Meanwhile, the magazine people are fostering that idea.  I really think offering a decent substitution in your materials list should be enough to allow you to publish.

Of course, it comes down to SPONSORS.  You can't get people to sponsor stuff that they no longer sell, even if you DO send them back their way for the latest and greatest thing they sell,  I suppose.  Pity.

Anyway, I made this card, and I am entering it in Papertrey Ink's GOLD Challenge Blog Hop.

It looks like this--

See the lovely speckles going on here?  Yeah....That's the stamp in question.  And, actually, I probably would not have been able to find who made the teensy leaf punch I used either, so....

Well, my gold deer done with PTI In the Meadow die collection are rather stately, if I say so myself.  I am MAD for gold embossing!! I think I will never tire of using those dies, and the stamp set that goes with it!

I used torn vellum strips to do the snow banks, used tons of punches for elements, and the whole thing is on a PTI Kraft base. 

Oh yes, just to update those following the progress at my house, the blue paint is on the house, the shutters are ordered, and I have one coat of the lime green on the front door.  Looking good so far!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mr Cardmaker is Both a Winner and a Painting Fool

I made a card for niece Jessica's birthday, recently, and I entered it into the CARDS Blog sketch challenge.  And, I was a winner!  Yay!  Three stamps sets from CAS-ual Fridays! Three, count them, THREE!! Super happy about that!

It looks like this--

I went pretty color-and-pattern cuckoo here, but I really kind of like it.  Sketch challenges kind of stump me for some reason.  I think I take them way too literally for the most part. 

(UPDATE:  I'm entering this card into Paper Crafts Magazine's Mixy-Matchy Style Challenge in the Moxie Fab World!  I think it works; don't you?  Find out about it  HERE)

Anyway, just a quickie from me today.  I am painting the brick part of my house today.  (It was already painted, for you brick purists who are freaking out about that idea).  I started it yesterday, and I LOVE the color.  The color is sort of SU Baja Breeze-y . I just ordered some new, (finally) properly sized black shutters too, so I am excited to see it all together.  Oh yes, the door will be painted lime green, as will the flower boxes. 

This is the before--

This pic is actually before we bought the place, and in winter. Note the way too small shutters on the big windows... I will DEFINITELY post pics of the new look, but that will be in about two weeks or so.  Stay tuned.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oozak is Back!

Well, my computer died this week, and I went through MAJOR withdrawal symptoms.  I have a shiny new laptop now, so I am in the process of learning lots of new things with Windows 8.  Only one call to the Geek Squad so far, so we're doing well!

For Oozak's bi-monthly challenge, which is an "anything with sentiments", I created a card with COPICS!  I am SO not a copic artist, but I actually had tons of fun doing this card.
Head over to Oozak, and play along!

I made this--
I used my old favorite Inkadinkadoo flowers stamps, along with my brand new (!) sentiments for Wplus9.  I think my favorite part is where I used my Wax White (G20) pen to outline the images. 
Did you know that if you use a 2-way glue pen on a doily, you get awesome glue coverage, and then the doily basically melts right onto whatever you are gluing to?  It's awesome.  Try it.
For those little flowers, I stacked up three different levels of foam adhesive to give some really awesome dimension.  I do wish I had a better photo, but, you can trust me!
Hope you have a great Father's Day.  Remember to say hi to Dad today; whether it's to a face, a phone, or to the skies above. 
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh, for crying out loud......

Dead computer. Super ARGH.  Already spent the money for the new one, but it'll be 48-72 hours before the data transfer is done. Stay tuned.

Mr Cardmaker Is Concise (to a Fault)

So, cancer sucks.  Yeah.
Someone close to us was just diagnosed, and that also sucks.

Not only for him, but for those in the house who take care of him, the family, friends....everyone around him.  Mostly for him.  Luckily, meds are working pretty well, so that's a good thing.

I sent him a card a while ago, and forgot to take any photos.  Rats.

But for the lady of the house, who I am sure can also use some extra support, I made this--
(avert the children's eyes, please)--

This card started with the flowers I made from a scrap when I first bought this Sizzlit die.  They sat around for a good while, until I saw the other papers that you see, and decided they were good for each other.  The flowers are super simple, just curled around a pencil, and centered with some My Mind's Eye brads that I've had for a bit.  The leaves have a fun treatment though.

You can see them better here--

Well, somewhat better, anyway.  I trimmed two leaves from the remainder of the paper, curled them a bit, and adhered them with glue to keep the curl.  The one with the sequin is less obvious, but it's done the same way as the one on the quatrefoil paper.

I don't usually do the simple paper panel thing, especially not without a mat behind it, but I like the simplicity here.  I also almost never have such a big border of card base showing.  Hey, you gotta mix it up sometimes; am I right?

I hope you don't think of me as a potty mouth now.  Or is that a potty card(maker)?  In this instance, I do find this to be the perfect sentiment.  I think it's good for a laugh, too.  It says, "BIG HUG" inside. 

Thanks for stopping by!
Big Hugs to you.
All Best--

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunshine-y Day With Mr Cardmaker

I have been playing a bit with my Claudine Helmuth stamp set called "So Retro" a bit lately.

I guess I have been wanting more sunshine, too.  We've had weird up and down temperature changes for the past several weeks, and LOTS of rain came with all the changes.  I need SUN!

So, I made my own.
I made this--

Now, that'll wake you up, right?  Lots of sunny colors here, and some requisite "shades" to go along with.

This couldn't be easier to do.  One image, two inks, and some Glossy Accents to make my orange sunglasses have "lenses".  Add a triple flag, with a sentiment from Avery Elle done in white embossing powder.  Sketch some stitch lines and add some sequins.  Oh yeah, and a tiny snip of ribbon.  BOOM.  Hot and juicy.

Your turn!

Thanks for stopping by!  That makes me feel warmer than any sunshine could.
All Best--

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fix: Guts

Don't you love it when you get a new toy tool, and have to play work with it the second you unwrap it?

Well, when I got my hearts trio punch from Stampin' Up a year or so ago, I punched up a storm!  Then I gathered up all my little hearts, and I made this--

Aw.  How trite cute.  No, this is nice, really.  But there's no ka-boom.  I NEED my ka-boom!

So, I revisited this card.  Not so much to do on the outside, really.  Let's see about the inside.

Oh yeah--

Ka-boom!  I added a die cut from Papertrey Ink's Movers and Shakers die set, and attached white hearts to it.  I like the colorless contrast to the front with all the colors.

Now, if a big old heart-laden spring thing isn't some ka-boom factor, I just don't know from ka-boom (and I think I DO know something about ka-boom, ya'll.  Just sayin'...).

Go make yourself some ka-boom, now.  Go on!
Thanks for stopping by!
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yup, I'm Going With Quirky.

Sometimes, things just work out.  And sometimes, weird works.  And sometimes, you just go on with your bad self.

I had that kind of day, recently.

On that day, I made this--

I bought a bunch of sequins.  Can you tell?

I love this stamp set by Claudine Helmuth Studio.  It's called "So Retro", and has great glasses, a suitcase, a phone, and other stuff.  It's great, really.

Anyway, things just sort of fell into place on this card.  The weirdness of the typewriter in the lovely floral context is weird, right?  BUT!!!  Because of the letter paper, it really works!
(Hey, it's MY card!)

I remembered, somewhere in the windmills of my mind, that once upon a time the qwerty keys on a typewriter (AKA the home row, I believe) were sometimes done in red keys, so I went for it here.  Anything for more color!  I DO wish my happy birthday sentiment was a teensy bit smaller so it would fit just perfectly, but it'll do as is.

Quirky.  That's what I'm calling this one.  Yup, quirky.  I like it!

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back and see me.
All Best-

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mr Cardmaker's Nephew is a Graduating Guy (2013!! 2013!!)

Well, the nephew Jason is a graduating kind of guy.  He's finishing up, having a last summer at home, then off to college in the fall.  Lordy Bees, that happened fast.

To help celebrate, I made him a card.  Then I stuck a check into it.  Because that's what we do, the uncles.

I made this--

The school colors are navy and orange, so that's where I went with this card.  The background to the numbers is actually navy, not black, but you know how navy photographs....

I absolutely LOVE, no LURVE hot air balloons and clouds.  Always have.  One day, I will go up in a balloon (if Charlie lets me.  He's a scaredy cat).  In France, please.

oh, but I digress.  So....yeah! Balloons, and clouds.  So pleasant.  So hopeful.  So peaceful.
(yeah, I KNOW all about the loud fire thing part.  Shhh...)

I always smile about the way a graduating class thinks they OWN the year.  The way the guys scream it at each others' faces after the ceremony.....good times.  I figured it would do well on the card, big and orange.  And, why not stamped with a hounds tooth pattern?  Oh yeah, I coated the card stock with clear embossing powder before cutting the numbers.  Shiny is good!

Here's another view for depth, and possibly a little better color--

Yes, that IS a better view, I think.

Thanks for stopping by.
Do me a favor and stop the clock for a while, would ya?  Or at least slow it down?

All Best--

Monday, June 3, 2013

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Well, I was given some stamps recently, by a Ms. Windy Ellard.  I made THESE cards with them, and I LOVE the stamps so much. 
She included the sweetest little mini card with them, with the nicest message. 
Oh, I just have this bad photo, but you can get the idea...

So cute, yes?  Sweet punches, a little stamping, some brads, badaboom.
Love this.

But mini cards?  Whaddat?  I have heard little mumblings about these things, but I had not known their virtues until now.  Small. Good to stick into or onto things.  You could even stick them onto a full-sized card (Hey, let's not get all crazy, now!).

So I had to make a couple, just to give it a go.
Let me be the first to admit that a 3"x3" card kicked my prodigious butt.
Hours.  It took HOURS to combine the right shapes, colors, inks, whathaveyous to get this thing designed.  I swear, sometimes my brain forgets to release the emergency break.

Anyway, I ended up happy with these, with one reservation.
I made this--

Whew.  Well, there it is.  Not too bad.  I stamped a little, punched some, embossed a bit, die cut some stuff.  Cute.  THIS SHOULD NOT TAKE HOURS, I'm thinking.....
This is all Stampin' Up supplies here, by the way.  I'm still a demo for a few more weeks, unless y'all need to buy something.  I'm no salesman, it seems.  No biggie.  But seriously, if y'all need something, I can order it for you.....*sigh*

Anyway, I made a small set of them--

Now, you can't make 3x3 envelopes and mail these.  The USPS won't take them, so don't try it. 
You could stick them in a regular envelope, but then why not just make a regular sized card?
Make the envelopes, and use them as enclosures, or put them with a thank you gift (which I really don't do too, too much).Or, hey!  You could leave them on your pillow for your host(ess) to find at your next overnight with friends!  Cute, right?
Try these things!  You can put the components (and some adhesive) into your bag, and assemble them at the coffee shop.  Think of all the conversations that'll start!  Being a guy, I think I'd get more weird looks than interested conversation, but you gotta be you, you know?

Hey, Happy Monday, and thanks for stopping by!
All Best-

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mr Cardmaker is a Team Player (Woo Hoo!!)

Well, as of 9am EDT, today marks the OFFICIAL start of my tenure as a DESIGN TEAM MEMBER at Challenge Blog!  Uh, excited much?!  Uh, YEAH!

This is me---- Click on my Blinky to check it all out!

Yup, that little sucker is MINE.  Check it out on my sidebar.

Here's the sneak peek from yesterday, just to whet your whistle--

In keeping with the challenge at Oozak, I have a second card that fits the theme. Once I get my star punches out, there's no stopping me, it seems.

I made this--

This was really fun, getting the stars to align, so to speak.  I worked at getting some movement happening, both from the swirl of stars, AND the depth I was able to achieve.

You can see more of the depth in this shot--

The teal stars are actually the card base peeking out from where I punched the striped background piece.  I stamped my sentiment (Stampin' Up!), and colored in some letters with a Copic marker (BG15).  I popped that piece up on foam adhesive so you could see the stars better.  There are also stamped stars in a few instances, so you're not going to get any flatter than that.

Then the stars get layered in, some flat, some on foam, some glued flat on TOP of the ones on foam.  I really am loving the vellum stars here, because you can mostly see under them to the level below.

Add some pearls, just to fill in and help with the idea of movement, and that's that!

I'm also entering this card into A Blog Named Hero's "It's a man's man's man's world" challenge.
You can play too, by going HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you have a safe, fun weekend.
All Best-