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Friday, January 25, 2013

Papertrey January Blog Hop Challenge

I have been saving these cards until today when I am entering the Black Background challenge at PTI.  My friend Melanie Meunchinger actually put me onto this "Pullin' Pastels" technique, and I loved it INSTANTLY!  You can see her post about this technique HERE.

I don't have any artist chalk or pastels, but I do have some colored chalkboard chalk, and that seemed to work just fine!  I scribbled onto a scrap of paper, and used a cotton ball to work it on my black background.  I used veramark to stamp, and this is what I got--

Is this not the COOLEST look??? 
So, the leaves are the stamped part here.  Isn't it amazing how much pulls off of the card stock, when you use versamark? 
The flowers look just like the same technique, but if you know this Rosie Posie set, you know that can't be.  That's a POSITIVE image, not a negative one. 
I stamped the flowers onto more black card stock with blue chalk ink!  I was so happy with how well it matched up!
The sentiment is a die cut.  I clear embossed the black paper before I cut it out.  Love that shine!

But wait!  There's more--

With this one, I used yellow chalk.  It turned out more yellowy-cream on the black, and I like that!
I used the Funky Florals set here, with a Think Big Favorites set for the sentiment.  Pale Yellow chalk ink helped with the flower centers, and the dots.

Then this guy--

This one was more yellow chalk, and the Harvest Berries set.  Instead of more chalk ink, I used my Sakura glitter pen.  This photo makes it look gold, but it really is much more silver in person.

And finally--

Back to blue chalk, and the Up, Up and Away set.  This almost reminds me of the black and white part of the Wizard of Oz.  I love the clouds, and look how crisp the lines are on the balloons!  That's merely Versamark lifting the chalk off of the card stock!  No embossing!! (except for the sentiment, of course)

It was SUCH fun doing a new-to-me technique, especially when the outcome is so fast, and so cool!!
Try it!

Thanks for stopping by!
All Best--


  1. Look at you go! These are all fabulous, Richard! I honestly can't choose a favorite! Way to take a new technique and hit it out of the ballpark, my friend :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Richard, thanks for following along with our new card challenge blog/club Muse. I hope you'll join us soon!

    Wow, this is being so resourceful with your supplies! I just LOVE that!!! I love the misty look you've achieved with this technique.

  3. Love that technique! Wonderful cards! Really like the balloon one. I think I'm going to have to try this technique myself. :-)

  4. Richard these are incredible, each one unique and special! What a wonderful chalk technique so beautifully executed!!! Just love them ALL!

  5. These are gorgeous. I went and checked out the link you left for the technique and for once I have everything needed to try this. Thanks for sharing.

    Karen B.

  6. OK, which one to choose... I just can't! All great. The balloons? No, Rosey Posey. So overwhelmingly great!

  7. Wow, these are all amazing! I especially love how on the first card, you clear embossed the cardstock before diecutting the sentiment-- love that glossy look on the cool stamped background!

  8. I wanna leave a comment but I can't stop going back up and looking......
    These cards are.........
    Well I love them!!
    Thanks for the link to the.........

  9. Wow, some talent here.Gorgeous creations.

  10. Haven't seen the chalk ink on black before, but they "go together like drunk and disorderly", to quote Ann Taintor. Your compositions are so sure footed that you can bring these narrow value cards to life. I really like all four, but the most unexpected combination, is your final card. A black sun, on a dark sky, with black clouds - it's just perfect!

    By the way, love the name of your blog. A sense of humor is essential in this world. I looked at some of your other work, and you have a great sensibility that I haven't seen before. Wonderful color sense, and a dense but very clean style. I like it!

    Thanks for choosing to share. I learned a lot from you today. Hope your enjoying 'the hop'.

  11. Seriously Richard all of your cards are so so cool. Pinned the last one as the sky scene you created is the bomb!

  12. Wow!!! you rocked the technique, Richard! Love how you experimented both solid and outlined images and different colors! My favorite is the Celebrate card and how you did the dots! Brilliant!

  13. DEFINITELY T-H-E Coolest! I've gotta try this. The balloon card is one serious piece of art. Of course, they all are simply amazing!

  14. OMGosh, Richard - each one is prettier than the last! LOVE what you did with the blue chalk ink! You are an artist my friend!

  15. Great technique! Love the soft look with the chalk and black cardstock on your cards!

  16. Oh WOW!
    The chalkboard technique has been on my list, but this is different!
    I'll be trying it too, and no more procrastinating!
    I'm gonna try them this weekend!
    They look gorgeous, and that you spent a lot of time on them!
    I should make my mom some Thank You cards....she'll think I slaved away!!!

  17. These are very cool! Thanks for sharing the technique - it will be fun to try!

  18. What STUNNING samples! I love that you used real chalk to create these, the effect is fabulous! The Celebrate card reminds me of fireworks in a night sky! Love your use of Rosie Posie on the first. Beautiful job!

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog--I really appreciate your comment! So glad to learn this technique--I'm going to try it for Hero Arts current challenge. I've used chalks with Versamark for a resist, but never like this. You made great cards for the hop!

  20. wow, you have been busy …making some very amazing cards…love the look of that first one , well all of them.

  21. Super cool technique!! I gotta try this! Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. I haven't seen this technique but can tell you've had lot of fun with it. Gr8 cards.

  23. wow, i seriously love your funky florals card with that reverse looking effect! great job, looks like you had so much fun :)

  24. These are a seriously cool set of cards - will definitely be pulling out some of the chalk inks and playing!

  25. Beautiful work! Love to see your talent showing through in these samples!

  26. Tres chic! I am really digging the subdued colors! Blue chalk is the way to go (genius!!):)


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