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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Runway Inspired Challenge

Well, I decided that I was ready to do some new challenges.  So, I headed over to Runway Inspired.  Fashion becomes paper art.  Who'da thunk?
This week they gave us this photo for inspiration--

So, I made this--


Lining up those tiny, tiny yellow pieces was a time suck, for sure. What we do for our art!

The red flower was done by stamping with versamark, embossing in white, THEN re-stamping in versamark, and then in red embossing powder.  Red EP merely turns black on black paper.  YUCK.

The pink rose was done in a similar manner, but this time I stamped rose colored ink on top of the white, and just heated it again.  No pink EP here, sadly....

I actually like the imperfections in the flowers, because it gives a sort of "old world" look, I think.

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with.  You could try it too, if you have the time and inclination! 

Thanks for stopping by!

All Best--


  1. Richard, this is really fantastic! You did a great job with the inspiration!!!

  2. And while I'm here....this card is wonderful!
    Great interpretation!
    On another note.....I'm curious to find out how the amazing chipmunk/ogre card went over!?

  3. I've seen some really fun cards for this challenge, and yours is wonderful! Love your little 'plaid' squares, even if they were time suckers :) I'm curious too, about the Chipmunk/Ogre card you made for your friend! Was it a ginormous success? Thanks for sharing, sir - love it!

  4. Wow the explanation about getting your embossing powders to show up on black paper. I've been on the hunt for some embossing powders that show up on black paper and Zing has opaque ones. On the other hand I LOVE the effect with the hints of white showing...just like in the photo. AMAZING job!

  5. Wow! Richard, this card is so bold and so modern. What a great translation of the challenge image.

  6. I love the way you write :) and I love this card! I originally had a similar idea for the yellow stripes, but then got nervous that I couldn't line up the stripes evenly so I chickened out! This is cool and congrats on your shout out on the RIC facebook page!

  7. Wow, me likey, Richard! I am glad that you took up the challenge since you sure rock this one! I love how you created the paneled background (your labor of love shows through)and you even had it embossed, too! And yes, the partial inking of the flower is just perfect to me! So glad that you join the fun with us over Runway Inspired Challenge! Hope to see more (wink)!

  8. OOhhh awesome texture from the embossing! I'm so glad you found our challenge and decided to play along. Thanks for joining us on the Runway, and I hope to see you again soon!


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