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Friday, April 5, 2013

Wop Wop....

This week has been too crazy.  Two birthdays, some very bad news for the family members, a new furnace in about 20 minutes, and I'll be going out of town all next week, with no computer.  I will be back with some cards and more Friday Fix ASAP, I promise.

I sense your disappointment....

Ok, here's a quick one.  But only because it's YOU--

I would probably never normally post this, because it is not perfect, and never will be, bit I love the shapes and colors, so...
I stamped this with various colors, then stamped a few onto scraps, and trimmed them out. A little foam adhesive, and there it is.  Oh yeah, and a little dashed line there on the top and bottom. 
I have to use a ruler to do that.  I can't draw a straight line to save my life.  Even the ruler does only so much. The dashes are all over the place....
The stamps are from Pretty Patterns by my friend Melanie Muenchinger for GinaK Designs, and the sentiment is from the dollar bin, so I'm thinking it's Studio G.  The pink/orange inks are Memento, and the black is Versafine.
Have a great weekend/week ahead!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. Incredible what it adds to the overall appeal of the card with the raised sections. That is a very Moxie Fab design Richard and the colors are absolutely inviting. I'm glad you posted this. It's very refreshing!

  2. Richard - I love the randomly popped pieces! So cool. Thanks for acknowledging my disappointment at your departure next week. :) Hope all is well.

  3. It sounds like quite a week! Hope all is well for your family! A new furnace sounds good but expensive!!! Love the card design! Great colors and love the faux stitching! I struggle with straight lines too!!!

  4. Love the trendy vibe of this card! Awesome color combo and the dotted line details are just lovely! The best thing about handmade cards is that they are never perfect. To me, it is priceless! Hope things are looking up for you soon!

  5. This is a really great card!
    Hope the birthdays were happy!
    A new furnace!? OY!
    Spring was fleeting here, a full on blizzard last night & today!
    -26 with the windchill! Stay warm!

  6. see Richard??? You posted that just for me.....all so pretty in PINK!!!! LOL ;) Hmm...using a know I never thought about that...hence giving up attempting hand-done on my cards like doodling!! Hahaha! I'm sorry about your bad news but I hope that you have a wonderful time offline and just get to relax!! Hugs!!

  7. Wow, lots going on. . .hope the bad news wasn't too bad. Hope you have safe travels as well. Your card colors are really pretty, and I can tell this was a lot of work with all the cutting. I like it a lot! Best, Curt

  8. Yikes! Sounds crazy, indeed! I wish you the best in working through it all! This card is absolutely FABULOUS!!!


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