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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mr Cardmaker is a Make-It-Work Kinda Guy

So, my dear friend and SIL Jan had a birthday.  I made her a gorgeous set of cards and a box to hold them.  I was in a hurry, and never took pictures.

This is the part where I hang my head and shake it miserably.

I made her a birthday card, and I DID take pictures of THAT!

It looks like this--

Cute, right?  Those clouds, courtesy of my A*Muse Studio Clouds Duo dies are double layered--
A layer of vellum that is adhered on the inside of the card, and then the patterned paper that serves as an overlay.  There's also the flags, thanks to My Mind's Eye, and stamping (Studio G) and copic coloring, and some really nice leaf things I created with card stock, punches, and a bit of gold embossing powder.  Oh yeah, and those cute little photo corner things.  Jan bought me the punch, so of course, I had to use it on her card...

Those clouds should have NEVER looked like that.  Okay, okay, they look really nice and all....

BUT!  And this is a BIG but!  Not to be confused with my own big butt....but I digress...

The clouds were originally meant to be a reverse die cut, showing some lovely patterned paper (also MME) behind, as you opened the card.  However, my Dear Partner failed to understand the concept, and wrote his personal message ALL OVER the area that was supposed to be clouds!  ARGH, I say!  ARGH!!!!!!

Well, I stared at the dang thing for about 15 minutes before I came up with the solution.  I did make good use of the time, heaping copious amounts of guilt upon said DP.

When I finally did come up with the solution, I quickly got it all together, and was able to tuck it into DP's luggage.  Oh yes, did I mention the time crunch of the impending car to the airport that I had to beat?  No WONDER I didn't get to take photos of the card set and box I made her.

Anyway. she loved everything, and no one was the wiser...well, no one but my little frayed NERVES.

I guess it goes to show that things are RARELY really ruined, unless the dog or cat or kids get hold of them.  I have none of those at the moment, so no excuses for me!  A little creativity goes a long, long way!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!!
All Best-


  1. I'm sure your SIL loved her cards! Lol...I've forgotten to take photos too, no sense in beatin' yourself up too badly! Your clouds look totally awesome! And my first stamping teacher told me that there are no mistakes in what we do - only creative opportunities! Your card turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. That's why they make embellishments I say!

  3. Gorgeous card I love how you have done the clouds and the layout is fabulous. Caroline xxx

  4. Wow. Totally and completely love this! The clouds are fabulous! Love the paper strips. Love it all!

  5. Oh dear! I'm glad you pulled yourself up by the boots and got on with it - this is rather whimsical and fun with the clouds upside down in points. I like it. My DH has done this on a card - and I know that having him willing to sign them and pretend that homemade cards are awesome is much more important than listening to me have a meltdown about his error. Even though the meltdown was hard to pull back! So, Richard, I love your card, but I'm also very proud of you!

  6. actually it was your clever use of the cloud dies that drew me to this card! go figure! grins! who would have ever known the angst it brought you if you hadn't mentioned it in your post...... ;)

    I am a new follower to your blog since seeing your wonderful feature over at Moxie Fab. isn't Cath great?! congrats on the article!!!


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