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Monday, May 16, 2011

Spoils of the winner

So, when my FREE stamp set arrived form GinaK Designs, I was so geeked to get started stamping!  These shells are from the Gifts from the Sea set by Melanie Muenchinger.  She has been a real doll to me; so welcoming and helpful. 

Anyway, to create these two beauties, I stamped and colored the shells with colored pencils.  I wanted to keep them very soft looking, so I stayed away from the markers route.  I cut them out with my cutterbee scissors, and curled the edges ever so slightly to give them a rounded, more natural shape. 

Now, I know there is so amazingly sturdy and fancy cardstock out there.  I will work up to that, I swear, but meanwhile I am loaded up to my teeth with what I have.  So, my base cardstock is that stuff you find at every craft store, from The Paper Company.  You know, the value packs.  I also have some "stacks" and other things, but the majority is the value pack stuff.  Looks good, but I would like to quickly work through some of it and get a higher base weight paper. 

The flourish that makes up the cloud is a sizzix die cut.  I found it and the swirls embossing folder at GOODWILL!  I actually made a huge haul that day...made me decide I really NEEDED a cuttlebug!

One of these cards made its way to my friend Yasmin for her birthday.  I do have plans for the other as well, but she'll probably read this blog, and the surprise will be all ruined ....

If I go this route again, I will see what happens if I ink up my swirls folder with some white ink, and I may also see how some real shells work with the paper ones. There is definitely plenty of room for adding depth.  These were fun, though, for an early attempt. 

I really had fun coloring the shells.  Little boy time, I guess...

I have plenty more to share with you.  I'll tell you all about this card next!
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope to see you again soon!



  1. Oh very sweet cards!
    The clear acrylic on all my is Clear Scraps acrylic. I work for them.

  2. You make gorgeous cards--glad you are blogging them! What font are you using here on your blog? I love it!

  3. Thanks, Kirstin! I am having a great time!!
    I am using Walter Turncoat as my text, and the titles are permanent marker. I just did the design today! Glad you like!!!

  4. ok, so when you are ready to move up to heavier weight cardstock-
    She has Kraft ;)
    love your card- and LOVE that you enjoy this hobby!! it's refreshing to see!! :)

  5. I love your blog ..Made me smile to hear someone else has overload of the 'value papers' to use up :D
    Your cards are super! love the design, and the colors you've used.

  6. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that!

  7. Hahaha! Have you never tried GKD pure luxury card stock? I know, I know, you're loaded with the value packs. Don't get me wrong, the value packs have their place but GKD PLCS has no equal! ;) Send me your address and I'll send you a few sheets if you'd like! :)
    Fab cards by the way!

  8. JaniceAileen--thanks!! I would love to see what I'm missing! Holler at me at and I'll give you my address.
    You are so sweet to be so generous!!!

  9. Wow, great cards. I love the clouds. You are so creative. And the birthday card is awesome. I have only been to a few of your posts so far and I love your style. Thanks for sharing.


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