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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dang It All.....

I have to confess, it never is a fast process for me to make a card.  I can throw something together sometimes, but for something I really like, I usually can spend two+ hours on it. 

That's why it makes me CUCKOO when I find an error or a flaw in my project in the last ten seconds of production!  The litany of arghs and curses (yes, much as I try, the potty mouth does occur sometimes) is enough to send the dog heading for cover.


Cute, right?  It took some time to figure out which punch on which edge, where does the ribbon happen, how about that swiss dot stuff?  Here, there, where?   Sweat, snort , layer......Carefully now with that ribbon ruffle.....whew.  Hey this looks pretty good....
Wait a minute....
What is THAT?
What is that LUMP on the top of my card?  LOOK at that...(it's in the pic, with the "dang it" next to it.)

What IS THAT???
I checked.  Nothing under there.  What the ...???

Apparently it's a flaw in the card stock.  Of all the crazy things.  Well, I am just OVER that!

OK, Mister Cardmaker.  Deep breath, Friend.  CLEARLY, we will not be chucking this one in the bin.  HOW are we gonna fix it?

SO I did this--

See the extra little strip of card stock?  I'll wait while you scroll back and forth to check it out.)
How easy was THAT? 
I swear, I get my knickers into such a twist sometimes....Anybody feeling me on this out there??

Hey, thanks for stopping by. 
All Best--


  1. Turned out GREAT, you know I fix usually those things? Photoshop, it's my best friend... :)
    love these punches! great "make it work" moment!

  2. Perfect fix it! Love the result! Those punches are wonderful and the way you layered them is such a feast for the eyes. Great job!

  3. Hahahahaha...what a hoot! Great morning laugh..thanks for that. Now, on to the card...
    DANG!!! This is AMAZING!!!!!!
    I do hope the knickers are aligned now.


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