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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Couple of Cards, and The BEST DAY EVER

I am recently back from a trip to Key West, Florida!  We managed to do our yearly trip to a warm place at winter's end, and I am so glad we were able to go.  We had great weather, great food, and met some lovely people.  I love a good vacation!

Well, as I said, I am back, sharing some cards I made a few weeks ago, using a die cut and its inverse.

First, I made this--

I love this paper combination.  I am pretty sure these are all Crate Paper papers.  (I gotta start keeping some notes!) I am digging the combination of graphics and florals here.  I think using the big stripe, medium graphic, and tiny floral makes it all work.  If they were all the same scale, they would compete with one another.
The leaf die is from Sizzix, and the little flower is as well, I think. 
The "thankful" is on foam tape, and I attached the leaves only in spots, to give some movement.
This is a happy card, I think.

The second one looks like this--

I liked this floral paper so much, I had to make a second card with it.  I actually cut through the card base on this one, and managed to do it well enough that the two lined up with minimal trimming!
I die cut a blue word as well, and mounted it on foam tape.  It's a tricky, tight squeeze getting it all to work, but I think it's okay.  The hearts are on foam tape as well.

The inside--(I NEVER am able to take good photos of my card interiors for some reason...)--

So, there's the cards.

Now for some news!


Yes, after almost 24 years together, Charlie and I managed to get hitched! 

We took full advantage of Michigan law being changed (some 15 hours earlier) that allowed us to get married, and we were among the first 100 couples in the state to rush to our County Clerk Lisa Brown for our marriage license.

Well, we got it, and got married right then and there.  We couldn't believe we were doing it; so quickly that we couldn't even call anyone to join us!

We then made lots of calls, saw some friends, went out to lunch, then went and bought some wedding rings.   You do stuff out of order when you're running to get things while the getting is good!

Looks like that Key West trip was the honeymoon--also out of order!

We've spent the last few days getting used to calling each other "husband."  Boy, I'll never get sick of THAT word, let me tell you.  I am smiling as I write this, just thinking about it.

So, that's my story. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best-
(A Married Man)


  1. Congratulations to you both!! So happy for you! Love the cards. =]

  2. OMG, OMG, OMG!!! about saving the best news for last! CONGRATULATIONS to you and your husband Charlie!! :D We did the kid, then the wedding, then another kid, then the honeymoon. It all works out in the wash! SO happy for you both and your cards are glorious!! I really like the blue thank you peeking through.

  3. These are so pretty I love the papers-- Nice to get out of MI thi s time of year -what is up with the weather.
    Thank you for joining my DL.ART Thankful Thursday Anything Goes March Linky Party. Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  4. OMG!!!! Huge congrats to you and Charlie!! That's awesome!

  5. Congratulations, Richard! I am SO HAPPY for you BOTH! This is just the happiest news!

  6. Congratulations! The cards caught my eye (love that window with the word poking through), but so glad I read the rest - I wish you many (more) years of happiness together!

  7. OMGSH, OMGSH, OMGSH!!!! I'm so very very happy for you Richard (and for Charlie, too - you are both so blessed to have each other!). This is wonderful news, you certainly made my day!

    I love your cards.

    But I'm so excited about your news I can't focus on the cards! So sorry!! LOL HUGS!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations, and here's to another 24!!!!
    Great cards!
    They are happy!

  9. Richard and Charlie - how fantastic is it that you've been together for 24 years!!?? How many heterosexual couples, who aren't like 100 years old, say that? Congratulations isn't a big enough word to use here! I'm sorry you had to rush - am assuming that was to get married before some idiot changed the law again : ) And who cares what order anything came in? That's old Emily Post etiquette stuff. You and Charlie are unique and wonderful individuals and whatever works is best for you. How very happy you must be! BTW, loved the cards - am still drooling over that black floral paper, old hippie that I am : ) Anyway, rejoice, celebrate with wild abandon, be happy!

  10. Congratulations Richard on your marriage! I'm so happy for you both! That's amazing that you've been together for 24 years! Hope you have more than that to come! Your cards are gorgeous! I love that floral paper too!

  11. Fabulous cards and congrats! Bill and I did things out of order as well. We went on our honeymoon to Paris before we got married. Big hugs and congrats to you both!!

  12. Woot woot!!1 Congratulations to you and Charlie! I had to grin about your out-of-order series of events but none of that matters anyway, right? What matters is that you two were finally able to make it legal and commit to each other in the way you want to!! Love that card with the peek-a-boo sentiment too!

  13. Ok, I have calmed down enough to tell you how awesome your cards are, Richard! The first is so interesting with the colors and patterns! I bet it is pretty cool with the vine able

  14. Acckkkk! In the middle of a sentence it just froze and disappeared! Where was I? Well, that I love the cards, of course! *giggle* I think it's so cool how you did the second card with the cut out! You certainly were on a roll - it must have been the happiness of the recent events! I still and giddy with joy for you both! Hugs!

  15. I'm so glad you got married before the appeals court ruled. Congratulations and many more happy years together!

  16. I'm so happy you got married before the appeals court ruled. Congratulations and many more happy years together!

  17. Wow! I can feel the energy and happiness you are emitting all the way in southern Indiana! So happy for you!
    Your cards are so striking with the bold mix of patterns and I agree that they work wonderfully together. Fabulous use of both positive and negative too!


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