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Monday, January 12, 2015

Mr Cardmaker has Finally Lost It...

I have had this tradition, for the past several years, of making calendars every year--one for Charlie, and one for his mom. 
These take me forever to make, for some odd reason, and I usually don't manage to get them done until the middle of January. This year, though, I had them done for Christmas! They still took WAY too much time to make, though, and I have vowed I will find a better way to do them.

For Charlie's mom, I made this--

I used The Stamps of Life's Calendar to Build stamp set to do the calendar pages.  Oh, my lawdy bees, this was a job.  Never again. way too much finagling with the 29th -31st on ALL of these months, and lining it all up just gave me heartburn.  I will find a calendar to download and print next time, fo' sho'.
Nana is a fan of the purples, so I went to town with my scraps and a butterfly die that I got for ONE DOLLAR at JoAnn's a while back.  It will come to me who made it...
Oh, and the tiny butterflies are done with my tiny heart punch on the fold of some paper scraps. SO easy, and a fun trick.

Another view--

For Charlie, I made this--

So, yeah. Stars and telephones.  You know, your usual, classic combo.
So, CLEARLY my brains had slid into my shoes on this one.  Call it "Holiday Fatigue", or whatever...
I liked the image, I like the glittery stars....So sue me. He likes it.
(Honestly, it occurred to me that he would be bringing it to work, where he uses the (WHAT?) TELEPHONE (!)--All day long. SOOO...)

Another view of this one--

And, so now Charlie will know what day it is. Tah-DAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
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  1. Are you kidding me??? Tiny butterflies from a heart punch??? Where do you get these ideas? I LOVE it!! And I love the calendars....the butterflies just make me smile, a lot, the whole time I'm looking at them. And the phones and stars - well why not, Charlie is a star on the phone, what could be better! Love them both. Thanks for sharing and congrats on getting them done early.

  2. Oh my heavens!! Richard these are amazing!! The purple butterflies are SO gorgeous! Purple just happens to be my favorite color! Love it!

  3. Well aren't you clever! Love the butterflies and all the pretty purple colors and the phones and stars sound perfect for Charlie too! As always you bring a big smile!!!

  4. These are both absolutely fantastic!!!

  5. A dollar die? Shut the front door! I love these. So fun and they will think of you regularly!

  6. you just plain crack me up! I am glad you did the calendar. You can check it off the bucket list of crafty life!

  7. Stars and phones...absolutely!!! The wings on your MIL calendar is just PHENOMENAL. You did an amazing job there. Kudos to you for having them ready before January too!
    Took a loooonger break than I had planned from the computer, but now I'm creeping back into the craft room So glad I came to your blog for the inspiration.
    Lisa x

  8. Richard what incredible calendars!!!!! I love them both! The butterflies are so pretty! And the tiny heart ones are precious! I need to try that!! And bless you for hand stamping all those calendar pages - a gift of love for sure!

  9. Hahaha........I'm not laughing at you........
    What a ton of work!
    I'd be cross-eyed & swearing off the calendar (put together) stamp!
    Great job though, they're wonderful!

  10. Oh, my - these are awesome! I don't even want to think about stamping all those numbers - yes, a download, please!

  11. Oooh, I love the explosion of butterflies and I can't believe you stamped all those pages! Well done!

  12. Oh those labours of love can be so consuming. They both turned out fantastic though. I am loving that telephone, the gold embossed on the blue is awesome!

  13. Two beautiful calendars.

    I followed the link from Darnell's blog (DJKards)


  14. Gorgeous calendars! I like them both a lot! :-D

    P.S I arrived from Darnell´s blog and I´m your new follower. :-D

  15. These are super! Visiting from Darnell's blog, loving the calendars and thinking that I'd like to make some too. :) Thanks for sharing.

  16. I'm also someone visiting from Darnell's blog. What wonderful work you do!

  17. I make calendars for special family and friends every year and I agree that they are extremely time consuming but always welcomed. Mine are nowhere near this special! Focus on the joy they bring and the time is well worth it!

  18. And I also came over from Darnell's blog to have a look at your calendars! I love making them too and the one you made for Charlie's Mum is absolutely gorgeous... Charlie's isn't bad either! I love the beautiful Stampendous stamped Christmas card in your previous post too.

  19. Your astute followers point out the labour of love in these creations and know that the calendars are a highlight of Christmas, lasting the ensuing year. A star with the phone ... Giving Lily Tomlin a run for her money.


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