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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Card Recap, Part Two

So, continuing on a theme, I have more Christmas cards today. You were all so great to hang with me and my last (bad photo) photo-heavy post, and I hope you have the strength to do it again.

Getting on with it--

I made this-

Playing around with some older dies here. My favorite part of this one is the embossed stamping on the ornament die cut. Can you make out the cabin in the background? Kinda tough to see, really (I had to point it out to Charlie, who had it in his hands), but I love it. The rest of the card is okay. This was definitely an early trial...


Okay, so this is the stamp that the cabin came from. Can you see it on the other card now? Anyway, TONS of fun sponging this guy, and the inside is even better--

I just LOVE this for some reason. Maybe the red lettering?

Anyway, I liked it so much, I made these--

I really liked these.

So, in a totally different vein, I decided to try some water coloring techniques, and I came up with these--

I love pink at Christmas, especially with gold. These were fun, but I am slow with them. They need LOTS of drying time!

The next few were fun, fast, and easily reproduced.

 I like the two different red papers used to make these deer.

I mish-mashed up all kinds of things on these, but I really love Julie Ebersole's Christmas sets from Ellen Hutson, and cutting the sentiments into little pieces like that made me smile. And, foil paper, because shiny.

Moving along, I liked this one where I played around with repetitive stamping--

And, to literally wrap this up, these two, that were inspired by a Kristina Werner card from a few years ago--

I thought they were kind of silly, really, but my champion Charlie loved them, so...


Okay, I was going to do one more post with the last couple of cards, but I'm just going to add them.

These are the Hanukkah cards--

 I love white pigment ink on dark card stock!

Home, community, world religions, candles, winter parties...Get it?

Next year, I will need at least six Hanukkah cards, so my designs will have to expand greatly. I have just a few stamps for this, so creativity will be key!


The thank you cards looked like this--

I love this Winter Wishes stamp set from Stampin' Up! The sentiment is from Another Thank You, also SU.

Okay, so, again, so sorry for the lousy photos; its what I get for waiting until the VERY last second to take pics. Some cards weren't worth showing here, which is sucky for me, because the cards themselves were pretty nice.
Oh, well, there's always next year...

And, hopefully, I'll post before then!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. More fabulous cards, cannot pick a favourite!

  2. Another nice selection of cards here Richard! I don't think you need to worry about creativity, either. Aside from the intentional sets, your cards all convey different vibes, to me anyway! Thanks for sharing them! :)

  3. Excellent!! LOVE your cards, and so glad to see you posting again, I've missed you!

  4. Ok, I feel like quite the slacker... I didn't make any this year and it almost killed me to send out the store bought ones! These are every bit as wonderful as those in your earlier post! I really like the inky postcard one. It has such a wonderful vintage vibe! Although, the embossed cabin is pretty cool too!

  5. Again....WOW! I was a slackard this year in the Christmas cards department. I AM trying to get a handle on the Valentine's Day cards!

  6. I'm swooning over the 3rd and 4th cards with the SU tree set stamps and the way that the sky looks hazy on both of them. It's like the early morning fog rising off the land or the way it looks right before it snows...those are GORGEOUS! Nice work :)

  7. Wow! I don't care for blue but that first card just blew me away. I love it. Also among the favorites are the misty looking tree one, and the Jolly Holly Days one. The thank you card was wonderful too. Thanks for sharing, glad you're back.


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