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Monday, July 18, 2016

Mr Cardmaker is Triptychal

I have been remiss in posting lately, mostly due to the fact that I can much more easily head over to Instagram and toss up a photo of what I've been doing, rather than compose all the words and stuff I do for the ol' blog. Plus, I post pics of Max the Beagle and Charlie the Husband there, as well.
Check me out- HERE.

HOWEVER, I have not forgotten YOU, faithful blog reader, and so today I want to share Charlie's birthday card, which is NOT on Instagram yet, so you haven't missed anything!

So I made him this--

Which opens up to look like this--

I know I call this a triptych in the title, but I think it's actually just a trifold card, since it's really just one long picture, and not three scenes that go together, which I believe it the better definition of a triptych. (Who says you don't learn little tidbits here and there when you visit my blog?)
I just think that punny title is better...

The base is just a regular piece of 8 1/2"x11" piece of cardstock trimmed at an angle (which made it just about 7 1/2" inches tall at one end, and 4 3/4" tall at the other) which I scored on my Scor-Pal at the handy little arrow marks which are there to allow this kind of card fold. I'm not sure what the exact measurements are...The overall width is just under 3 3/4", so it easily fits into a regular business size envelope with some wiggle room, which allowed me to overlap that cloud on the first panel just a bit.

So, most of this is done with Lawn Fawn's Hello Sunshine stamps and dies, but is did sneak in an old Stampin' Up or two to do the underbrush-y stuff, and a SU set called Happy Happenings for the sentiment(s).

I colored the chicks and bees with Copics, using just a couple of yellows. I love how simple these images are, and they kind of remind me of those Minion things as well as marshmallow peeps.

To make the card look right when it's closed, I had to also do some stamping on the BACK side of the middle panel.
That looks like this--

Not terribly eventful on that side, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

So closed, it looks like this--

Sorry about my fingers in there, but that's 110# cardstock, so it doesn't lay flat when folded so well.
You can find the little vellum clouds in there a little better in this shot, too.

The balloons are all coated with Glossy Accents to shine them up, because, shiny!

So, Charlie loved it, and I was really pretty happy with the results. Yay!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best--


  1. What a COOL and CREATIVE design! Love the sunny and happy colors! Happy summer, Richard!

  2. I love the blog posts! Your explanations and anecdotes are fabulous.

  3. Of course Charlie loved it - silly goose! He is very supportive of you and knows you put a lot of love and effort into this awesome card! Thanks for teaching me about the difference in the tri-fold and the Triptych (spell?) and I never realized that the back side of the middle section would need something! (Slaps forehead, says "duh").

  4. Love it, gorgeous :) Nicely done with the triptych / tri-fold descriptions. Cx

  5. That is such a fun birthday card and love the lovely colors of it too. So cheery!

  6. Wonderful card filled with bright colors and something new every time I look! Something about a special fold card that makes it extraordinary - this one is even more so because you had such a big canvas to fill! Nothing ordinary here!

  7. What an adorable card! And I totally agree with cap31416: it's always so much fun to read your posts so please keep them coming!

  8. Sweet, happy, joyous scene. So much fun that is tripled with cuteness. Love the size too!

  9. Every time you post I am amazed, astounded, and inspired. Love your cards!


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