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Friday, October 18, 2013

Mr. Cardmaker Can't Help Himself

Well, I really don't have many people to send Halloween cards to, and so I TRY to stay away from making them. I also don't have that many people coming over during the fall season, but it doesn't stop me from decorating with all my Fall stuff, either!  LOVE me some Autumn!!

Anyway, I ran across my jar of Amuse Studio black glitter the other day, AND I got my Authentique Enchanted paper pad from Oozak recently.  What can I say?  What could any self-respecting, over-shopping crafter say?  I could NOT help myself! 

Photo-heavy post ahead!  Get ready!

I made this--

I stamped the haunted house onto some SU Summer Starfruit cardstock and fussy cut it.  I covered it with Glossy Accents, and when it was dry, I restamped the image onto my paper, and adhered it.

The tree is a Memory Box die.  I covered cardstock with my 2" Scor-tape and ran it, with the die, through my Cuttlebug, took off the liner paper, and covered it with black glitter.
NOTHING says Halloween more to me than black glitter all over something! 

I stamped my spiders, then assembled the card, adding strips of paper and some hand drawn squiggly lines to fill out the design.  I added more scor-tape, in thinner strips this time, and glittered them up, too.  This makes SUCH a wonderfully clean line of glitter!  Once you get me started with the glitter, you better keep moving, because if you're sitting still, you could be "made pretty!"

I moved to the inside of the card, and I did this-- (all of my interior photos are weird for some reason. Sorry!)

I masked off and stamped the edges of my cardstock with a web stamp, and was really happy that just a tiny border read really well.  The sentiment stamp is so great, with the skull and pumpkin lurking in there.  I did get that smudge, but I let it go, what with it being all Halloweeny and all.  I will add more smudges before I send it, probably.

I was so happy with the Scor-tape as adhesive idea, I kept going.
I made this-
This one is being entered at Ribbon Carousel, for their Fall/Halloween challenge--

I made the glittered leaves with more scor-tape, then layered them with a plain cardstock leaf for contrast.  I love that look!  I did these with my Fiskars punches.  They were not happy about cutting through so much at once, but they finally did it!

Here's a better look--

To do the cat and sentiment, I used some Sticky Powder from Gary Burlin and Co.  I was not terribly thrilled with the amount of "sticky", to be frank, and will have to try another variety.  I got the general idea, though, and I was able to go back and add some glue on top of the cat, so I could reapply some more glitter.  The sentiment was to thin for me to mess with, though. I keep looking at this one, thinking I smudged it next to the cat, but it's part of the paper, I SWEAR!

I added some black twine, and I used my 1/4" hole punch to lock it into place at the top and bottom of the card.  More Scor-tape and glitter at the left side there, but you already knew that...

I did the inside of this one too, like this--

I love that sentiment stamp from Studio G.  (All the stamps are Studio G, btw, except for the clouds and the swirls on the first card which are from PTI and Inkadinkadoo, respectively)  I think the hand drawn lines really work with the webs here, too!

Finally, I had to do one more--

See how I am good about not wasting any of my papers?  Because I'm stingy frugal like that!

So, clearly I couldn't stop at just the black glitter, and I had to get out the orange as well for this one! 
The dies here are from Papertrey Ink, and I added more of those punched leaves, one glittered and one not.

I like the gray rhinestones added to this one!

The inside of this one looks like this--

I added the speckles after I found a speckle-sized smudge.  I think they work here!  That big spider is so great for a creepy surprise!

So, that's my Halloween collection for this year.  I will definitely make sure they find homes (along with the couple of cards I made last year, and THIS CARD. 

I love making them, and I will send them to those who love them.  Seems it's always my crafty friends who REALLY appreciate them!  Plus, sometimes I get some in return!  Love that!

Thanks for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. My address is... j/k! Lovely Halloween cards...I think the giant spider is my favorite. Simple but effective. The insides of your cards are as spectacular as the outsides!!

  2. Cool the first one in Idea...see you in my Blog....have a great day :)

  3. Love your gorgeous black glittery creations! They are so fun!

  4. Apparently I can't help myself either because you're killing me - you're drawing me into a holiday I have never liked (well not as an adult). I have some Halloween stamps but don't use them, except as tattoos for the grandson. But now here you've gone and made me LOVE these cards. And what I love even more is the way you "customize" your smudges : ) Happy day!

  5. OH bother, for some reason blogger wouldn't let me comment last night!
    And may I just say these R O C K!
    Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  6. I love the last one and the Trick or Treat one that is a similar design. Such an effective use of minimal supplies. And the colors are so perfect! Being a boater I could tell you that those spider speckles are common! But we wouldn't want people to think that's what you are trying to portray on your card. LOL They do rock the design though!!

  7. "You could be made pretty." LOL What a great line! Speaking of great that is what your Halloween cards are. Love all the glitter. Love that little glitter kitty too. So many fun cards. Hope you guys are well. Best, Curt

  8. Just look at all of that gorgeous sparkle!! I love how you incorporate the smudges as a wonderful opportunity to add something else!
    I had to laugh at your need to glitter everything that doesn't move! I don't use glitter much because it ends up on everything and then my DH starts to question what I'm doing when he's not around ;)

  9. Richard these are FABULOUS! Love the black glitter and I may have to walk up to the AMUSE store here in my neighborhood and get some! Of course today is Halloween so maybe it would make more sense to wait until next year! LOL! I gave my son his Halloween card at breakfast and made one for his teacher too and that was the extent of my Halloween card making this year.

  10. ALL of these have the most amazing Autumn/Halloweeny feel to them, but is it odd that my favorite is probably the very simplistic CAS design with a spider? That one is just so perfect!!! Happy belated Halloween :)


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