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Thursday, October 10, 2013

So, This was a Cool Thing

While bouncing about in Blogland recently, I happened upon a really cool site, called  They do this word cloud thing, and you can use your favorite words, or you can link to your blog, or a website or whatever, and it picks the most used words and it seems to give them this hierarchy thing as it makes the cloud. 
So I did my blog!  This is what I got--

Pretty cool, right?  I don't know why the word "stopping" made it to be so big.  I will have to read some entries to see how often THAT one is used...Maybe it's not such a word hierarchy as I originally thought.  I was pleased to see the word "love" being so prominent.  Apparently, I use the words "really" and "thing" WAY too often...

Isn't this FUN?!  Imagine doing this with motivational words, or fun things your kids say....

Just a fun thing to look at today!
Oh, and PS--Charlie was out of town this past week, so my card pile has grown.  Lots of fall and Christmas cards coming up!

Thanks for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. What fun! You find such treasures... Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is very cool, Richard! I think "stopping" is used in your tag line and so, with every single post! That would put it up there!
    Hugs!! (that word would be very large in my own thingie)

  3. Your word cloud says you're a really nice man : ) I believe "stopping" is big because you're polite and always thank your readers for stopping by. There are two posts about word clouds on The Happiness Project that you might enjoy. Can't wait to see your new cards, even though you had to miss Charlie to make them : )

  4. Love this! So fun! I will have to show my son Tim! Thanks for sharing!


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