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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mr Cardmaker Never Met a Box He Didn't Like

So, I am working at Starbucks these days.  The hair biz is off the table for now, and I am happy about that for the moment.  I am mostly having fun while working my butt off, and so things are going well.  I am Le Barista!

Anyway, we sell these travel mugs that are made of steel and come in this handsome cylinder box. 
Well, one day, a woman came in and wanted the mug, but asked us to remove it from the box because she didn't want it, or need it, or whatever.  I took one look at the situation and made SURE no one threw the box away.  It comes as just a simple, flat black cylinder with the gold band, and a small label.

I got it home, and IMMEDIATELY did this to it--

I covered the box itself with some DCWV black-with cream-writing text paper, again, leaving that gold part visible, since changing it would involve disturbing the working part of the box where the top comes off.

I punched and curled the petals of  many a flower punched with Stampin' Up's Blossom punch, using some almost black, newsprint papers, and a leaf printed paper I have been hoarding for ages. There are also some gold metallic colored cardstock flowers as the base levels; a sort of brassy gold.

I then punched some many leaves from a cooler gold card stock, and ran them through an embossing folder.  Those got curled up and worked in next. 

Lastly, I used a bunch of rhinestones in gold shades to bling it all up, making them flower centers and buds.

Here's a bit of a close-up--

This was one of those projects where I got the idea, and was NOT going to be happy until I got it realized.  Luckily, Charlie was out of town, and I had a good chunk of time to get this done.

So, my box is ready to be filled.  With what, I do not know, so I am happy to get some input there.

I also managed to get hold of a nice tea tin.  That one is for another day!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best--


  1. Woot! This is amazing, Richard! Excellent work - I look forward to the tea tin!

  2. Well I rarely use this word but - FABULOUS!!!! Hope you have fun at Starbucks, and it smells so nice : )

  3. Good grief....three of my favorite things all in one. Coffee(container), flowers(handmade none the less) and your crafty style. GOSH...I'm frazzled to think of ideas to fill it with as the outside is a gift in itself, but it would be super fun to make more handmade flowers for the container and gift them for future wrapping or decorative purposes. So great that you saved this fabulous container from imminent doom and lengthened its life into this fabby make! Those colors are extremely classy and fun.

  4. OH heckyeah!!! That is just stunning!!! Makes me wanna run out and buy one! Do NOT tell hubby cuz I already have like 5 different SB travel cups just cuz! LOL I love how striking this is with the rich and deep colors!!! is gorgeous!!! I vote for filling it with chocolate! LOL I wish SB was hiring near my daughter....I keep telling her to go apply!!!

  5. That is a really nice box! You could buy one of those travel mugs with the customizable paper insert and decorated it in a similar style to the gift box. That would be cool. I think Oriental Trading has some of those. Or I'll bet you could find one on Amazon somewhere.


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