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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mr Cardmaker is feeling Seasonal

Well, my good friend Lisa Minckler posted her FINISHED collection (yes ALL of them) of Christmas cards, so I thought I should spill the beans and show you what I have managed to come up with for Christmas so far.

You may have seen the Christmas tins I did, but I also came up with some cards. 
I was theoretically going to do some every month so I wouldn't go crazy in December.  Yeah, that....

They look like this--

My Charlie gifted me much of these supplies--The papers and the wood trees, and the two woods stamps. I think there are wood snowflakes waiting to be used, too.  Such a nice man, him.

Super simple stamping with just as simple punches.  The berries are my office punch!  I think all of us have that stamp, too....Love the gold cardstock and bokeh paper here.
 See the deer in this one below?  Such a lovely stamp.  I white embossed this, then rubbed some white ink on it to make it look "chalkboard-y."
 This one was so simple--Stamp image, stamp sentiment, add strip of paper.  Boom.
 I love the red on red hounds tooth paper  that the flair piece is on. It's just a strip, so you can write something above.  I have no idea whatsoever where that little tag came from.  ?????  Sure works here.
Oh, and yes, I did fix that ribbon.  OCD me, except when taking pictures, apparently.
Well, that's what I have so far.  I have MANY more to go, and I am hoping to get multiples of some of what I come up with next.  I will try to share some along the way, but as you know, the posts are fewer and farther between these days.  Hope springs eternal for the Cardmaking Man!
Thanks so much for stopping by! 
All Best--


  1. oh wow, what a collection of Christmas cards, NICE...sigh, I wait a little longer before making Christmas cards and ask myself why all the Happy hump day!

    sparkle & shine *~*

  2. Look at you, all gettin' ahead of the game with your merry little self! Awesome stuff!

  3. First Lisa and now you?! I'm feeling like quite the procrastinator now!
    Your cards are fantastic, especially the Peace on Earth! I love the wood trees too! I guess it goes without saying that your Charlie has excellent taste!

  4. Wonderful, as always. What are those last two black and white stamps (trees,snow,deer)? I really like them!

  5. Beeeyoooteeeful!! I sooo love seeing winter cards....anytime of the year!! Good reminder too...I really need to get some Christmas cards started! Those wooden embellies are some of my most FAVES!!! I used all my snowflakes though and have hunted high and low for more.

  6. OH em GEE! I totally fried my brain making all those cards so I was left to shut the craft room door for a bit and venture out into nature. I had NOOOO idea you were such a busy bee yourself and LOOK AT YOU GO! Holy Toledo your designs are tre magnifique! I'm completely loving the simple layering ( if any at all and yet each has such incredible depth and detail and so much folly for the eyeballs! You have done very well my friend and now if only we can remember where we're storing them for the next 6 months and not lose the damn things before the holiday!! :D The mind is the first thing to go it seems....
    So glad I re-opened the craft door and saw what you've been up to. Love the gifts your man bought you too...great taste!!
    big hugs to you,
    Lisa x


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