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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Rewards of Being a Corporate Weekday Widower

Well, this has been an exceptionally busy year of travel for the Hubby.  He's been to China and Malaysia, back and forth to Massachusetts about 10 times, AND he's got to go BACK to Malaysia for 17 days, and more Boston area trips to come, too.  Luckily, the Boston trips are usually over on Friday, so we get the weekends.  Max the Beagle and I are definitely getting some bonding time for sure. 
Well, there is a small silver lining to being without the man for these chunks of time--The GIFTIES!
I have Fabulous Starbucks mugs from all these places (Do YOU have a Malaysia mug?  I do!), and when he finds them, he brings me home STAMPS and stuff. A keeper, that one!
 Well, I just invested in the first 9 sets of mini Distress Ink pads. I REALLY want the latest 3 sets, and the tins, of course, but I am not working these days, and the holidays will be rearing their ugly heads soon, so...
But I got to playing with them.  I had never known that much about them, what they could do, etc, so I was really happy to watch some YouTube videos from Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire.
Well, using one of the stamp sets Charlie found me from Cloud Nine Designs, I came up with this--

Listen, Paris is ALWAYS a good idea.  TRUST ME.
Another view--
So, there's a ton of blendy action going on here, Just tons and tons of ink.  I also did a good bit of water play, moving the ink around, and lifting it off in places.  I did some stamping, then more blending, then some more stamping.  The finish here was some enamel dots, and because I didn't have one small enough, a tiny dot of Enamel Accents.  Love that stuff!

For the inside, there were some stamps I hadn't used--
One stamp, one ink, and a waterbrush got this done.
So that's my card. 
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I was off on my own adventure two weeks ago. I went to Daytona Beach to see my Dad and siblings.  I stayed at my sister's beautiful home, where we had our morning coffee on her dock, with delicious warm breezes blowing over us. Heaven.
Max was happy to have me come home, even if he did make some good friends at his care center.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. gorgeous card Richard! It's been a long time and I am glad I stopped in to see what you have been up to...gorgeous work on this particular card.....come visit Boston...I'll take you to dinner!

  2. I know nothing of Paris but I know that card is absolutely stunning! I had to use my hand to shut my mouth!

  3. Oh gosh! This is gorgeous Richard! Your blending skills are awesome! Love the Paris stamps too! I'm getting ready to invest in some Distress inks myself. I've seen so many beautiful things done with them, that I just have to give them a try!

  4. Fabulous! I love your distressing and the layered stamping of the leaves. And I agree - Paris is always a good idea ;)

  5. This is the kind of card I WISH I could make. You used so many stamps and I love the beautiful color. It's really dreamy and I could get lost in all the images. I've been playing with water too and mine always looks like a hot mess! You've inspired me to keep trying!

  6. Oh what a gorgeous work of art you created, Richard! Love the Paris inspiration and your distress inking! I only have one TH Distress Ink Pad (Peeled Paint) and always think when there is a Michael's coupon, I should get more.

  7. Stunning! Love the colours ... and the wonderful depths you have achieved! Am such a fan of all things Paris! Am visiting via Donna's blog! xx

  8. C'est très magnifique, Richard! It's so much fun to see people moving into uncharted territory for crafting. Your watercolor, DI and new stamps are turning my eyeballs upside down. The last time I thought I'd venture down that same road I went to reach for the water, hit the just brewed coffee (BORING American, not Malaysian sadly. But it doesn't leak and there's a nice sized handle, so it'll do cup) and ruined the whole friggin' card!! Apologies, I digress. I am however overcome with immense appreciation for art and the obvious thrill you described in making this. It's a gorgeous creation! The post was wonderful too. You have a terrific husband, family and furry friend.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Lisa x

  9. I can't believe you haven't been using distress inks all your life, Richard! This card is the cat's pajamas!
    Excellent work! Hugs!

  10. That is uber cool Richard!!! I always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower...but I hate flying! LOL And I love the inside....I love decorating the insides! And I can't imagine how lonely it is without hubby so often...but I have to say I am SUPER jealous of all the awesome SB mugs!!!! LOL Hugs!!!

  11. This is beautiful! I love what you did with the inside, too! That looks great!


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