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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mr Cardmaker's Spring has Long Been Sprung

Ok, so I should've pulled this one ages ago, because it IS a Spring card, or at least to my mind it is, and I am terribly out-of-date with it, but here we go.
So, in the interest of making sure my stash was stuff that I actually USE, I pulled out a couple of dies that I had sort of put away in frustration; mainly because I couldn't get a decent CUT from them.
This was before I finally invested in a metal shim for the old Cuttlebug.  I can't remember where I got it, but this thing has changed my life, fo' reals.
I made this--

Isn't this oh so artsy-fartsy?  I kinda dig it, actually.  I like the not-centered-but-kinda-balanced thing it has, and I like the tiny pops of color in the flowers on the wreath.  I used some white Enamel Accents to make what I am calling buds on the tree.

Oh yeah.  The tree?  That %#$-er STILL has one place it doesn't cut properly. Whatever...I DO own some snips...

PS-I tried to recreate this for Mother's day cards.  Forgot the clouds. Just not the same...*sigh* 

I DO have some more up-to-date stuff to show you, I promise.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Actually, I love it. This could also realistically be used for Fall also because the leaves are falling and swirling in the Autumn winds. Try a piece of waxed paper between your die and your paper. Not only does it make even the most intricate dies cut better, but you also wind up with a ghostly little die cut that often comes in handy - looks gorgeous on butterflies : ) Happy Day, Dahling. : )

  2. Oh I love the artsy-fartsy comment cuz I say that about my DD all the time! lol Ok and IS a cool card....I really love offsetting does look awesome!! And are now the second person to tell me I need a metal shim for all my die cutting woes!!!! Will it really help??? I have several intricate dies I love but I just can't use!!! Looks like I neeeeeed to place an order somewhere! LOL Ok and really? Out of date? There is no way I post seasonal-appropriate cards since I post snowy ones all year long! lol

  3. Even though it is not fitting with the season Richard it is still no less AMAZING! Really fabulous design! I love the wreath of leaves around the tree! Very creative and beautiful!

  4. Wow, this is awesome! I also think it could be a fall card, and I, too. Have trouble imagining it without the clouds. Where would the breeze come from that is lifting the swirl of leaves?! Really wonderful!

    I've heard with punches that if you punch through some aluminum foil a few times that it helps sharpen them. I'm not sure if it works for dies, but it's worth a try!

  5. Holy crap...I look away and you post 3 more works of art. From the using your beloved stash to my favorite addiction and now the artsy fartsy! Brother, I mean to tell ya... you have mad skills!! I love visiting your blog for the inspiring and hilarious read and for the obvious eclectic wonders you bring us. JUST LOVE THEM ALL!

  6. I adore trees of any kind on a card front. I adore wreaths of any kind on a card front. You have them both. This is lovely!


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