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Friday, February 13, 2015

Mr Cardmaker DOES Have a Heart, After All..

Yup, yup. I do have a heart, and it beats for my guy, my friend, my husband. Oh, and for the beagle, too. (Had to mention him, the beagle I mean, because he's sitting right next to me as I type this.)

So, with it being Valentine's Day, and all I made a card. Well, TWO cards, and a couple of tags, but I think on this post I'll just share the one. Look around for more!

I'm offering it up for Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge-Red and Pink. Since it is. Red and pink, I mean.
And since it's still open, it's another entry for Virginia's View shaker challenge.

I made this--

Now, honestly, pink and red are not my go-to combo, but hey, VALENTINE'S DAY....
So, this card was one of my first shaker attempts, and once I figured out the size and shape it all needed to be, (which took surprisingly long) I was pretty well set.

I think I am sort of sequin heavy in this thing, but to be perfectly honest, I'm trying my butt off to use up some of the zillion sequins I purchased!

I used Lawn Fawn's Love you a Latte set to do the sentiment, but when I went for the take out cup image in that set, I found them to be too small, so I went for my Fiskars Latte Love set instead.
The hearts on the shaker panel are from Julie Ebersole's  Cozy Christmas set (Hi, Julie!), and the dies are from two Spellbinders collections.

SO, as I do, I started with the one element, the shaker thingy, and went from there, filling in with panels and buttons and punched hearts, etc. When it was all done, it was cute, but as I mentioned in my last post, I will often look at what seems done, and feel the need to attack it with something else.

That's where my scribble lines come in. doing this always makes me nervous, because I feel like at any minute, I'm going to have a spasm or something, and ruin two hours worth of work, but I sallied forth. Not too shabby, and no disaster, so that's good.

I took some photos, and put it to the side, waiting for V day (NOT VD; that makes me laugh and nauseous at the same time).

About a week later, I saw it laying there.
Taunting me.
You REALLY think this is done? it seemed to say, sneering at me.  It sneered at me, I swear!

Well, I take my sneering cards both seriously and personally, so I grabbed my fine line marker, and went BACK to work--

(Thinks it can be all sneery with ME.....I'll show 'em...)

I came up with this--


I gotta say, MORE black sketchy-ness really adds a nice, slightly gritty feeling to this easily sickening sweet card. Even on the coffee cups...
Since it IS for a man, I think this is a welcome element!
And, how about those felt hearts?
Winter warmth, warm and cozy, cozy and cuddly! How could THAT be wrong?

Once more--

Less glare on this one.  I like it better.

So, that's my Valentine's valentine. I hope he likes it, and shakes it to his hearts content.

I am off to the market, to buy something luscious for our dinner. And more chocolate.  Because Valentine's.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Valentine's Day to you!
All Best-


  1. This is lovely, I'm sure your hubby will love it


  2. More is definitely better in this case and the double lines look really nice. I love that when sewing also, just adds a fun flair to it. Wonderful card and I hope the Valentine Dinner is a hit!
    happy weekend,
    Lisa x

  3. That is an amazingly lovely card. I am sure he will love it too! Shaker cards are so in now.....maybe I should try one again! It has been a long time, but I am sure yours tops them all.

  4. What a gorgeous card! And you are right: it was good you gave in to the sneering - it does look much better.

  5. You're right. With the pictures of the card side-by-side (rather above & below) the first try was blah after seeing the tiny little touches you added and then it became stupendous. Ha! Who's sneering now?

  6. Your post always bring a smile to my face and a laugh, especially about the beagle this time! Your card is fabulous Richard! Love the felt hearts, the extra scribbles and the abundance of sequins! Happy Valentines day!!

  7. If this is not outstanding, I don't know what is...this rocks/shakes, Richard! Absolutely!

  8. Still shaking! There's a lot of sequins in there and my heart gets more content with each shake. (This could go in for a long time.)

  9. your post! And the evolution of your card over time! I think a few of my cards need to evolve over time - it may indeed be the key to a gorgeous card!!!!

  10. Just the right amount of sequins.....the black lines add to the beautiful perfection of you card it just says look at me ha....

  11. Lovely work!!! Thanks so much for joining us at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog! - Ashli :)

  12. I just LOVE your card! I wanted to let you know that I’ve chosen your creation as one of my Favorite Picks and linked back to your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your talent. Kathy at

  13. Loving these shaker cards of yours...and oh yes, that sketchy outline makes all the difference! WONDERFUL in every way!

  14. Wow! That's your FIRST shaker card? You really ARE good : )

  15. The extra lines really do make a big difference and your card looks wonderful! Not sure you can ever have too many 'shakey' things in a shaker card!!


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