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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mr Cardmaker is CLEARLY a Twelve-Year-Old

Hi there. You may be wondering why I haven't posted lately (or not), so I felt the need to share that we are in the middle of a move to Massachusetts, and things have been more than hairy around here. We DID manage a little vacation in the midst of it all, because it was PAID FOR, so that says even more about why I haven't been here in blogland. I will get back to posting more regularly ASAP, but until then, please enjoy this crazy post...

A few years ago, I read Misadventures in the (213) by Dennis Hensley. Amazon has it HERE.
I read it on vacation in Key West, and I made a HUGE fool out of myself, cackling and ROARING from my poolside lounge chair. One of the funniest books, EVAH. For reals.

In it, the main character talks about the game he plays with his starlet best friend.
It's called smelt it, dealt it, and it pretty much involves what you think it does.

So, you open any magazine, find a photo with two or more people, and decide who is the dealer, and who is the smeller.

Things like this are especially good--

Get it?

The more subtle ones are even funnier--


Ok, before I lose you for good....
I made some cards!
I HAVE mentioned that the kids in my family are almost ALL BOYS, right?
Boys get these things..

I fell in deep, deep love with Tim Holtz's Bird Crazy stamps, and, well, let's say they SPOKE to me (ahem).

Using these wonderful, crazy fowl, I made these--
The "Smelt it, Dealt it" series!


And inside--

Okay, the red-rimmed, glossy eyes on these birds STILL make me giggle like a fool...


And inside-

Next, I limited the amount of coloring I did, to exaggerate the eyes...
And inside--

Trying things in reverse order...



And inside-
That chick's face just KILLS me. 

Now, these birds stack up nicely, don't they?...

And inside--

Yes, they do indeed sell that stamp...

Well, if you're not COMPLETELY offended, you hopefully got a good laugh here today.
I know my boys will get a chuckle on their birthdays, and I'll save that last one as a good "cheer up" card for just the right person.

Now, go find a magazine and have yourself a laugh!

Thanks so much for stopping by (and for indulging my 12 year-old self)!
All Best-

PS-See you soon!


  1. Bwahahahaha......I'm laughing out loud! The dogs think I've lost my mind, I'm sure. These are utterly and absolutely F.U.N.!!! The last photo did me in. Nearly spit iced tea all over the screen! You rock. You really really rock! So glad to see you here. Hope your move goes well - gosh, your house is so beautiful - are you sure you wanna leave it? Best of luck to you and your handsome man, Sir Richard! Come back when you can with more giggles for us :)

  2. These cards made me LOL!!! LURVE them!!!!

  3. LOL! These cards are so perfect. I'm going to start playing this game... :)

  4. Good to hear from you - I was worried. Now here comes the ultimate compliment (or is it complement?) - you know I don't like those birds BUT you have changed that. How about that? I now like the birds - but only if you stamp and color them : ) Thanks for the laughs, as always and for sharing. Happy Easter or Passover or Sunday - whatever you celebrate : )

  5. LOLOL!! Those are awesome! Moving to Massachusetts? We'll practically be neighbors. Good luck with the move and don't stress too much. Moving isn't too much fun until you finally get settled in the new digs.

  6. Bwahahahahaha.....the bugged out eyeballs say it all and these birds work perfectly for this fabulous humor. I love snarky sarcasm and I totally get and partake in juvenile silliness, so these cards are wonderful for me. The glossy, teared up eyes seriously get you chuckling. Love the great idea Richard and good luck on your new move. Send me your updated address so I can keep my book current. Thanks again for the great laughs!!

  7. LOL!!!Super cute cards!!!!Happy Easter!!!!

  8. Hahahaha, just what I needed!
    Those birds are awesome!
    Good luck on the move. I think I'll look up the book for future reading!

  9. Eeekkkkk, these are so hilarious. Crap, (oops) you can make a mint selling these cards. This is the second move in the past few years, right. Well, good luck with the move. Hope you found someplace just as cozy.

  10. Lol lol to funny love the humor I was behind a truck once two kids and there dad the bumper sticker on the back was "help he farted and we can't get out". I was laughing so hard they turned around and looked at me and started laughing too... Where would we be without out our humor? Love this

  11. LOL to the post :-) Hee hee hee !! Love it. Fabulous cards, love those birds. Hope the move went well. Happy Easter.

  12. GAW!!!!! So I had never heard of this book but as I read through your post and admired the cards, I started to giggle. Then I started to laugh...and then I snorted until Easter candy came out of my nose!!! LOVE that bug-eyed bird to bits (the way you colored him is beyond fabulous) and the expression on these guys are too too much. The ransom type sentiment is the crowning touch and I thank you for making my day!

  13. Good to have you back... I was getting a bit worried. Love these cards and am sure the boys will love them, too! Hope your move will be soon be a fait accompli.

  14. Moving!!!??? Noooo.....
    I am so sorry to hear that. You'll miss our Michigan. Although your weather should be similar. I hope everything goes fabulously and you find a wonderful place to live.

  15. aww more of those lovely birds. soo sweet and funny

  16. Oh.em.gee! Now I'm wondering if TH drew those birds with that game in mind?? Too funny, Richard!
    Good luck with the move and hurry and make more cards!

  17. Love! Thanks for the belly laugh. Got my birds yesterday, looking for inspiration on Pinterest tonight... and found you. I may have to case these because I have 2 grandsons who... well, you get the idea.

  18. These are fabulous! You'd have thought those birds were designed just for this! Thank YOU for indulging the 12-year-old boy in all of us!

  19. You did crack me up Richard! Your birds look amazing - love their fun expressions!

  20. All the cards with the Crazy Birds look great!
    Greetings, Alie

  21. LOVE them! Hey you used to come into my chat room. Anyway I too am in MA where are you moving too? Down the Cape I is lovely there!

  22. Miss you Richard! Hope the move went well and you are soon back in your creative space!

  23. OK, I just discovered your blog and I've got to tell you - I love your card design style & your sense of humor. I'm a new fan!

  24. Richard- This little birdy is so very cute! You are such a creative genius!!! I am so glad I found your blog. Thanks for leaving a comment the other day. I am looking forward to seeing all you create in the future.


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