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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mr Cardmaker Gets All Man-Style with 12 Kits of Occasions

Well, I was SO tickled and honored to have Jeanne at A Kept Life ask me to join the 12 Kits of Occasions crew for the May Kit. I have been no where near my blog for AGES, due to our big move to Massachusetts in June. What with cleaning up for showings, and cleaning OUT for the move, my days have been full ones. I had no idea whether I would be able to take the time to make anything, but when things like that are offered, it is hard (and somewhat stupid, really) to say no. So, I said YES!

Anyway, I was able to make a few not-so-short stops during all this madness to make a few cards using this amazing kit.
Oh, the KIT! There were beautiful papers, different and wonderful diecuts, twine, sequins, stamped sentiments and images, and SO MUCH MORE...A veritable cornucopia of fun, inspiration-stimulating goodness! Jeanne, FAB job!

Be sure to go see previews and links to all the rest of the great work  at the 12 Kits page by clicking HERE!

So, I guess I will start with what I made first, and go in that sort of order.
I made this--

Can't get much more masculine that this without adding real DIRT. Note how much good COLOR you can cram onto a man's card with it remaining just as masculine as you please...

I love the detailing on those boot diecuts. I popped out the details, watercolored them with ink, and popped them back into the boots.

The silver foiled horseshoe diecut goes so well with the silver stars, and the wood grain sequins are perfect with the veneer stars. I also hand colored the image with colored pencils.

Next up, I made this--

These birds on this oh-so-graphic background look so hot. Reminds me of city birds perched on some abandoned metal works.

Now, the gems are not the first thing I would reach for when doing a man's card, but they look so SMART here (if I say so myself), I had to do them. I think the dark blue makes it all okay...(these were from my stash. I hope that's allowed...)

Then, off to this--

Now, these lure diecuts were done in these bright, happy colors, and while they didn't exactly go with any of the papers, I loved them, so I had to make them work in a card.

I started with the "dad" diecuts, and originally, I layered up the three that you see behind the red one, and it was looking pretty good. Once the card was just about finished, though, I found them just a bit flat by themselves, so I colored and triple clear embossed the red one, and that puppy WORKED!

Some Glossy Accents on several of the lures really helps give this card some life. Oh, and, more veneer stars, because Dad deserves them.

Oh, and this one has a good inside, too--

And finally, this one--

I HAD to use that "epic" diecut collection. HAD. TO.
More triple clear embossing on that top one. SO rich and shiny looking.
More colored pencil on the image. My eraser was as big a tool here as anything else. Softens things up perfectly.
Oh, and since I COULD. NOT. leave the candle flame as the only yellow on the card, I stamped a little banner piece and slid it in. Now I can breathe again. (Of course, I COULD have just made the flame orange instead, but, well, now, that would take some SENSE.)
And, the inside of that one, using a couple stamp sets in my stash--
Well, I am sorry that I couldn't devote more time to this kit, but I will definitely be digging into some of my leftovers when I finally get into my new space.
Huge thanks to Jeanne for the invitation to play and for the kit! I don't know how you all manage such collections of fab things!
I'll leave you with a pic of my collection of cards--
Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. These are all wonderful! Great job with the kit!

  2. Welcome back! I've been sending you calm organized thoughts to help you through the move drama. Jeanne certainly made an excellent decision when she chose you because you really rocked the kit!!! I love all of them, without exception, without a favorite. That doesn't happen often : ) Hang in there and hurry back.

  3. Richard you have waved your card making wizards wand over all of these fabulous cards!!!!!! (Can you tell I have been watching Harry Potter movies with my son this weekend?!) each one is fantastic! I love the way you used the boots and horseshoes with the cowboy! And the layers of papers look like wool saddle blankets! And your fishing lure card!!!! Perfection and fun both inside and out! Love the bird and cupcake cards too! And your use of embossing!! So happy to see a post from you! Moving is so much work! Hope all is well in your new home!!! Hugs - Jill

  4. 1st off, congrats to you! couldn't think of a better guy for the joy of guesting with the 12 kits gals!
    And just look at these... fabulous! Adore the rodeo card, pinning that one, hope you don't mind.
    Adore how each element took flight in your talented hands! Well done!

  5. Hi Richard! I love the cards that you have created! Beautiful color combinations and a lot of energy!
    Greetings :)
    Welcome to my blog:

  6. Congratulations on your guest design stint. I LOVE all your fun cards. The layering, the gems, the triple embossing-all these small details make your cards so fun to look at. I think my favorite is the first one with the boots. They look like real leather!! Just stunning design!!

  7. So happy you got to play along...
    and with a Jeanne kit no less!
    WOW! Does she make an incredible kit or what...
    there's enough for 50 cards in there!
    Love all your fabulous cards! :)

  8. I love the vast array of very handsome masculine cards you created. Those images would work for many occasions too! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new home.

  9. Welcome Richard! I was so excited to see that Jeanne asked you to join us and I couldn’t wait to see what you made.
    Wow, you did an amazing job with this kit and you are in the middle of a move! I am impressed! Each card is truly a work of art, I like the dark blog on the bird card. Your cowboy card is so full of layers and details. I could go on and on .... love them all. Happy move!

  10. Holy Moly!
    What great cards!
    You're such an inspiration, as here I sit procrastinating...I've had hours to make a 'guy' card!
    Have a great week!

  11. Wow, what a collection! I was sitting here in total awe at the first one already and then they just kept coming! Good to see you back - and all the best for the move and realted activities.

  12. YAYYY!!! Love seeing your wonderful cards Richard! You incorporated so many of the different elements in wonderful ways! The cowboy is my favorite and I hope you dont mind me casing it! The distress inking is wonderful and the little accents amazing - the star on the boot, the double layered "dad" die cuts, and the clever birds perched on the bars of the die cut! Thank you so much for joining us! You made me so happy!

  13. Wow!! Really amazing cards Richard!! Jeanne made a great choice in inviting you to show your skills! Good luck with your move!

  14. Wow, you really worked wonders with Jeanne's kit! It's been wonderful to have you with us this month. Jeanne always puts together amazing kits and you really showed this one off. Fantastic job of combining so many of the elements--love your cowboy card! I had the blueprint cupcake laid out but just couldn't get anything to come together. Yours looks awesome, especially great with the 'epic' die cut.!

  15. Richard... excuse me.. Mr. Cardmaker! And I do mean that with much respect for your mastery of layers, sequins, wooden stars, Glossy accents, and pencil-coloring!!! Spec Tac U Lar!!!! Each and every one is one to love! And can we talk about how your turned paper boots into leather?
    So fun having you on the team this month!!!
    =] Michele

  16. Awesome cards! You have a great eye for the details! I hope all that moving "stuff" is going ok for you guys.

  17. Oh my goodness....what a over the top fabulous collection of amazing cards. You totally rocked Jeanne's kit. I love everything you made and can not wait to case you! So happy you joined us this month...what an honor!

  18. These are amazing! I LOVE the coloring on the boots-such an awesome detail! Congrats on being chosen to show off this kit too!

  19. Richard well done! What you did with your first card is beyond awesome--the detail on the boots and combining the boots with the dull image--genius! You definitely showcased those fishes both inside and out--another awesome. I think I would love an epic cupcake. Wasn't Jeanne's kit amazing, I still have so much left to play with. So happy that you joined us for the May kit, I love seeing your take on it!

  20. Wow, Richard. Where the heck have you been? Or where the heck have I been? I cannot believe I have never seen your blog before. Anyway, welcome, welcome, welcome to our 12 kits group. It is such a treat to have you here as our guest. And, how fitting, to have a REAL MAN play with us when our theme is masculine. You really nailed this kit. I love your designs--you used so much of what Jeanne sent, in such varied and creative ways. I also learned that those bright little die cuts are lures and not fish. Good thing I saved them. I think that I am most in love with your first card. You used all items that had stumped me, and I just love how you creatively combined all that fabulous cowboy stuff.

  21. Just me checking in to your blog again and getting a good dose of inspiration. I have looked at these cards a million times and honestly thought I'd already left a comment, but apparently, I did not. My bad! I love Jeanne to pieces and the fact that you two paired up to do this is AWESOME!! The 12 kits looks like so much fun and WOWEE what a manly man array you have here. Why words seem to allude me when I try to compliment, baffles me, but let's just say that my eyes bounced happily all over the place and there were spurts of drooling involved. You are a constant inspiration to the art of crafting and card making! I hope the move has gone well and life is settling back in nicely! Miss you in blog land but hope all is well.
    Lisa :)


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