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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mr Cardmaker is Ballooning

Ok, so, let's NOT talk about the holiday weight I haven't lost.

Oh, weight wait, not the subject here.

So, after all my coffee and teacup cards with the Balloon Celebration stamp set, it's time to look at some actual balloons!

I made this--

So, I really love the shading stamps that make the balloons look so great. Fun, and elegant, and just really nice.

I started with the small panel with the sentiment, and spread out from there. I drew the border squiggly lines by hand--this is when too much coffee actually pays off.
You can see a peek of the inside of the card, where I did the same idea. Continuity is good.

I feel like I could've used more balloons, somehow, but It looks like the clouds sort of took over here.
These were done with Amuse Studio Clouds Duo dies.I've loved these things for years.

I love the dark brown base on this card. Something different is always fun, and it makes a brightly colored card more suitable for both a man or woman. Great stash builder!

That's why I made so many--

Really, these were nice, strong, simple shapes, even with all the die cutting I had to do.
These cards will come in handy!
More balloons to come!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best--


  1. Awww...this is the happiest card ever! You're so creative, but already knew that! Great card, Sir Richard! Hang in there - summer is just around the corner. You will lose those two extra pounds soon!

  2. Love the cards, of course, but particularly love the dark background - really makes the rest stand out.

  3. I love the great colors and layers in your card! Very cheerful!
    Take Care!

  4. Great layout and design and all speak of celebration! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So cuuute!!! I love the sponged clouds!!

  6. Very pretty!!!Love the colors!Have a good evening!!!

  7. I've missed your cards!! It's so great seeing your posts more frequently and what I really love abou your style is your color and texture coordinating skills. You make colors and patterns blend like nobody's business. Excellent way to showcase how to use up that ever growing pile of scraps too!

  8. The dark brown base is the eye catcher - forget about the lovely balloons and clouds or the sweet striped paper... I was drawn to the brown base!


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