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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mr Cardmaker has Cups to Go

More Concord & 9th stamps! I really love so much of what they do at Concord & 9th. They just seem very considered and innovative about what they put out, and they seem to stay away from some of the trendy stuff.

I bought the "Let's Chat" stamps, and really love them. I like the bold, yet loose style, and the sentiments are nice. And, of course, it's about coffee. 'Nuff said.

I made several cards, but because they're pretty similar and were SO quick and easy, I'm showing you all of them today.

I made this--

So, because these images are so wonderful, I hated to do too much with them.
Here, the only embellishment is the little bit of glitter in the spoon, because...well, because shiny!
This is on lighter weight cardstock, so I will use this for a quick hello, as opposed to something special.

Next, I made this--

So, iteration #2. More color, more stamping...whatever. I added the foam image with white embossing this time.
I think I went a bit crazy with the pinks here. No worries; I have pink lovers in my life.

Next, I made two of these, thanks to my MISTI stamping tool--

One of these days I will learn to do sentiments in more than one color, I swear. I do like that the color changes are mostly in line images with no coloring, so you have to look at it for a second to grasp what's happening. The bold heart and very strong brown of the coffee make me happy. More glitter in the sugar spoon, for the aforementioned shiny.
These, too, are on a 80# cardstock. They're also four-bar sized. (I had the envelopes hanging around)

So, these were fast and fun, and great to grab when I just want to quickly send out some happy mail.

Speaking of, I've been SO GOOD at that lately!
I have managed to get two or more random happy mail cards out every week for a while now.
OMG- If you are having a cruddy day, digging out a few cards and sending them is a GREAT way to get yourself into a much better mood! I can't recommend it enough.

In fact, I'm going to do that now. These cards are outta here! Can't buy more joy for the price of a stamp, I'm telling you.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. A stamp sure brings a lot of joy with Mr. Card Maker.

  2. Fun coffee themed cards that you created with that set. I really like them.

  3. Love these! How did I not see this stamp set at Concord & 9th? I'm with you on their style. Innovative!

  4. Awesome post, I love your coffee theme cards but was also inspired by the advice to send happy mail to lift your own spirits. Wise, very wise. Hugs!


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