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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mr Cardmaker Needs to Just Breathe

Just a quick post today to share a card I made for our friend Shannon and Jason for their anniversary. These are friends we haven't seen in almost 10 years, but we were able to pick up exactly where we left off.  I think that is the mark of true friendship.

Anyway, I made this--

I started with the clouds that were hanging out in the little bowl that has all my extra die cuts in it. That led me to the idea to use bold patterned papers.  Looking back, I DO wish I had used a pattern paper in the sentiment area, but at this point, what's done is done.  NEXT time...

I think the biggest point of interest on this one is the strip of red and green papers at the top of the green area.  If you look closely, you can see that it's actually popped off the green panel.  I have no memory of WHY I did that, but it turned out to look pretty cool.

The more I look at that sentiment, the more aggravated I become with it.  I want to hunt them down and make them let me change it.

Deep breaths...

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by!
All Best--


  1. I see a wonderfulcard made with love for good friends and I am sure they loved it and were touched! I love the bold colors and the sentiment frame! I

  2. ha ha! I think all card makers can't help but re-think and re-design projects in their minds but need to take a breath and let it go because really, it looks fabulous! Think of it this way: The light background with the sentiment echoes the light colors of the clouds, creating a visual triangle.. There, don't you feel better?! (smile).

  3. This is really cute! I like the clean white for the sentiment. It makes it really stand out!

  4. Wow. I just keep looking at this, and then go back and look again. Wish I could join the journey your mind takes when it comes up with some of this you made the clouds, the birds, and the sun look like they belonged on those other papers. Me, I would have gone for boring blue cardstock or something. You're such an artist. And I agree with Karenladd about the white! Thanks for sharing. Now stop grinding your teeth, you'll hurt them. : )

  5. The wonky border lines are my favorite!!!! You have the best knack for breathing new life into paper and designs! I needed a serious crafty fix, so here I am to stalk your blog. :D

  6. What a great card Richard! I don't mind the white paper for the sentiment at all. I think it makes it stand out nicely. Love the patterned papers you've used here!


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