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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mr Cardmaker LOVES a Quick Stash Builder

Well, leave it to us (me, I mean) to decide to remodel the bedroom in NOVEMBER.  Too cold to open the windows for the paint fumes, no TIME to do anything else (and we have leafpocalypse going on at our house right now--the last pickup of leaves was 75 bags!), and of course, NO CHRISTMAS CARD MAKING!!!

However!  The room is looking great, and we have very little left to do.  You should have seen us installing the plate rail moulding on Sunday.  You really did NOT want to HEAR us, especially if you have small children or ears.  It all came together somehow, and I have it all caulked and painted and it's DONE! 

Photos when it's all done, I promise!

Anyway, I lied about the NO Christmas cards part.  I did manage to get a few put together, but the list is going to shrink this year, I do believe.

I made these--

This is a wonderful and BIG stamp from Stampendous, that also comes with a big snow swirl stamp that I LOVE.   I stamped it in SU Soft Suede ink on Kraft cardstock.  A little color, a little white, a little Stickles, and Viola!

I did try a few different ways to go about getting there with these.

This one has some flocking on the hats.  I do NOT love that bit on the top left where the edge of the stamp got in there, but it sort of looks like a cartoon "action line", so I'm going with it.  The person who gets this will never even think about that.  Oh, and this one has white line detail on their scarves.

Trying to get even simpler, I left off the flocking on this one, and just used my white pen to "dot" in the fur parts.  It goes with the dotted shading that is on the stamp, so I went with it!  Oh yeah, test your red pen with your Stickles before you apply it.  Mine went a bit pink from the moisture.  No disaster or anything, but you might want to be aware of that!

Ok, so I went really lazy on this one, and my Stickles bit me in the butt.  Same general idea as the one above, but I dragged some color around with my Stickles bottle because I trying to see what I could get done as quickly as possible.  (Those leaves are not gonna rake themselves into those bags!) 
Also, notice where I got a "blat" of glitter glue  (I'm not writing Stickles AGAIN) on the little one's tummy. Rats.

Again, this is "fine", but I would never send it to a crafting friend.  This one goes to a more casual acquaintance, at best.

So, lesson here is, you can get 'em quick, or you can get 'em good.  But quick doesn't suck, either, some days.  Write it down.  This stuff is GOLD, I'm telling you.

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  1. ROFL! You crack me up!
    Any of those cards could go to a "crafter" -we are always harder on ourself than someone else. It's just like a meal tasting better when someone else cooks it!

  2. Haha, these are great!
    Love BIG stamps!
    Leaves, did you not have conniptions about leaves last year?
    Or was that someone else!
    I also think there's such a thing as fumeless paint...or something to that effect!!!
    Have a great Friday!

  3. Love these; even with those supposed booboos. That slip on the middle card does imply movement. It looks cool. And the tummy one just looks like a shadow meant to be there. Awesome. I like this stamp; I am going to have to look for it.

  4. LOL as I read this one! I am totally in love with this stamp and your wonderful 1 layer cards! Brilliant!


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