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Friday, November 22, 2013

With 47000 You Get Eggroll

Well, you get another post about Christmas cards, not an eggroll.

Hey!  I just reached 47000 page views here on the ol' blog!  That makes me happy.

So, in keeping with the whole Christmas card theme, I wanted to share a couple I had made a while ago. 

I made this--

I made this with the Memory Box Catalina Wreath die.  I did two die cuts, and glued them together, and added a few rhinestones.  That die is a TOUGH one to cut!  I need either a metal plate for the Cuttlebug, or a new die cutting machine.  That new blue Big Shot looks nice.....

Great.  I made a wreath.

I needed a door!  So, out came the Spellbinders Nestabilities Classic Squares dies (I don't remember if these are large or small, but really no dif, if they fit your card. 
I like the Nestabilities dies for this application, because I can emboss the edges of my diecuts without a lot of fuss, and it really makes it look like a paneled door. 

I left off anything that would resemble the door hardware; it just was going to interrupt the overall look.  (Door purists are going OCD-nutso at this moment, I'm sure.)

So, a pretty blue door.  With a wreath.

Next, I made this--

So, I really loved this Crate Paper, uh, paper...(?)  and if you have read the blog for, oh, about six minutes, you know I have a thing for doilies AND Papertrey Ink dies, so this was sooooo perfect for me. 
All those "merry"s ("merrys"?) are from scraps, and the snowflakes are from my now dead (read, the handle snapped off while punching glitter cardstock) Martha Stewart Alpine Snowflake punch.  (A moment of silence, please.  I LOVED that stupid punch.)  The killer gold glitter cardstock is still wedged in there, too....

Did I mention that pink is one of my FAVE Christmas colors??  Oh yeah.  Pink, red, lime green, aqua.  Perfect Christmas colors.  And whatever comes in "shiny."

Well, anything that helps the pile grow is a good card, now that the Hols are nigh. 


Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Congrats on 47000! I just watched that Doris Day movie the other day with my kids. Did you know it was her last film ever? (just a bit of random trivia) Your cards are awesome! Love the simplicity of the door with that fab wreath and your "merry" card has so much depth and texture. Great job! Stacy H-W

  2. Did you have the day off, or were you up all night!?
    Great cards! Love the second one, they're always so nice & bright!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. lol...I need, really NEED to be making cards - instead, here I sit, looking at YOUR great cards! The door is just so much fun, Richard, and I love the doily card - nice non-traditional colors make me happy! Have a good weekend, and stay warm! It's UP to 36 here today, with an expected high of 15 tomorrow. Brrr......must find some boots!

  4. Love these, Richard! I have a weakness for PTI dies well as their stamps, cardstock... not much they make that I don't like. :) I'd love to hear what you think if you get a new die cut machine. My old red big shot has seen better days and my beloved Revolution has recently bit the dust. I've been thinking about the Vagabond, but not sure I really *need* and electronic machine. Have a great weekend!

  5. Congrats on reaching 47000! Love the cards, especially the merrys. Some suggestions: try dropping the punch on the floor (hey it's already broken and stuck!) and that may release the stuck card. But then again, if the handle's broken you probably still wouldn't be able to use it... Try using a paper/card shim on your die, just experiment with different thicknesses (cheaper than a new machine. Unless you really want the blue one ;)

  6. Great cards - esepcaially the door and wreath. I love ringing the changes with non-trad colours for Christmas too, so the merry, merry idea is perfect for this. And sparkly is GREAT! Sad to hear about the punch though... RIP. Maybe Santa will bring a new one, if you're good? Rx

  7. Both cards are wonderfully creative, Richard. Love the square blocks beneath your wreath, and your doily background is amazing on this Christmas festive! You ROCK dude!

  8. Well it's a good thing I'm not a door purist!! hahahaha! That made me laugh right out loud!! Anyway your cards are amazing Richard! I love the wreath on the "plain" door and the second card... Oh my!!! Is that ever lovely! Love that background paper and the multiple merrys!!

  9. As a door purist I am DIE-ing here! Just kidding! Totally!!!!! Again your post made me laugh...or the fact that I was up half the night with my little one being sick has made me goofy today! Your posts always entertain and your cards are wonderful Richard!

    I got a vagabond after breaking my cuttlebug and my shoulders are so happy! It speeds up die cutting and I don't think I will ever go back! I highly recommend it. I bought mine during a Black Friday sale and got a great price and free shipping.

  10. Condolences on your Martha hardware. And happy Turkey Day! BTW, I think your "door" is perfect. It's not about the door, it's about the wreath!

  11. I like your wreath card, door is a bonus! you entering the MIM this time? Iam going to try to find time because I want to do better in this style and get out of my CAS ways. judging by your most recent post, you do too. I like the butterfly card sets :)


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