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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

As IF He Didn't Have Enough...

...I went SHOPPING!!
Yes, the Mega Meet happened not that long ago near me, and of COURSE, I had to go.  Now, I am a VERY careful shopper, and I wandered that sales floor for HOURS, deciding exactly where and when to spend my cash. 

Well, the words dies make me giddy, and I HAD to get in on some of that.

I bought a "hello" die, and ran home with it (and several other things) to get all creative.

I made this--

So, I had been watching all of this watercolor, blendy, washy thing going on on so MANY peoples' blogs, that I HAD to give it a go.  Now, at this time, I had very few Distress inks, so I was kind of forcing things with other, less cooperative inks, and so this was an early attempt.  I think it's fine, (read that, fiiiiiiiine...), but I had far to go.  The gold splatter really helps, as does the black and the sequins.

So, I'm looking at this panel, and the colors, which, honestly, are not my go-to bunch of colors.  At least, not TOGETHER like that.  I mean, it looks like the colors they paint the ceiling with at The Cheesecake Factory.
Wait...  The Cheesecake Factory. I always think Old World Italy when I see their ceilings, whether that's what it is, or not.  MY brain, thank you...
ANYway, Old World Italy, Leonardo, Italian Festivals, etc, etc....
I had the die cuts from the first card staring me in the face, with these "Italian" colors, and I had a brain storm. 
Take cover when that junk happens.
I made this--

So, I have that little flag punch that Stampin' Up makes, and the Banner punch, too.  I punched some gold cardstock and some vellum, edged the vellum with my gold Delicata ink, and layered up my die cuts with MORE hello die cuts to give them some structure.  I ran my card base through the Cuttlebug with my gears embossing folder, and hit the raised part with more gold Delicata.
A few flower sequins in the same, crazy colors, and I had my own Italian Renaissance festival!
I kinda dig it. I love it when weird experiments end up being pretty cool projects.
PS-Don't you love how chunky that "hello" is?  SO easy to work with. Well, done Lawn Fawn (scripty hello, when you go to look for it).  Now I want the 'Thanks" die... 
Thanks for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. First, you went to something called a Mega Meet and came home with only a few things??? Wow! Second I love the first card and third I really love the second card - confused yet? I am! Thanks for sharing your amazing talents.

  2. Oh good heavens Richard these are FABULOUS!! I love the first one, but the second one is spectacular!! I am just now getting into the ink blending stuff too. We're very late by the way :)

  3. Here's my chance to enable. Richard did you know about this show?

    I live in Fraser; I am really looking forward to going to this one. I have lots of stamps; but never the ones I need!

  4. I'm SOOO excited over the 3rd card I nearly pee'd! OMG..that's a gorgeous design. Smack my forehead and call me DUH.. why have I never thought of 2 types of banners to hang together. That looks so dang adorable. LOOOVE all of these, but the 3rd, sigh....

  5. Watercolour and splatter - my favourite mix!

  6. The overlapping vellum is inspirational. It gives the card Such an Old World charm. Is there an Italian bakery near here? I need some cookies.

  7. Your brainstorm is incredible. I love these colors with the banners and bling. So pretty!


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