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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Great Way to Look at Things

I'm investigating more of my "gifted" stamps this time--These were given to me by the oh-so-tanned Jan Farrington, who was a wannabe stamper at one moment in her life, but found out quickly it was not for her.  It seems one cannot stamp and tan simultaneously.  She's my sister-in-law, by the way, and really quite fabulous. And tan.  Did I mention that?

All the better for ME! 

Well, she has a birthday coming up in November, and while this card will probably NOT be hers, it was made with her in mind, and with her stamps.  (She MAY actually get it, if my schedule happens to be tight the week before! YOU know how THAT goes!)

Anyway, I made this--

Wow, I'm just noticing how lousy this photo is.  My apologies.

SO, this started on a block of white cardstock, and I stamped the palm tree and flip-flops in versamark and embossed in clear powder.  Then I did the sentiment (don't you LOVE that?  You GO Virginia Woolf!) in versamark and embossed that in gold!  Sun, gold...get it?

I then started sponging in some blue ink from the center, highlighting all my elements, but leaving the edges.  I went back in with another sponge, and my Delicata gold ink, and highlighted the edges.  I think it made a wild effect as the inks blended.  Sadly, the sparkle gets lost in the photo, but the richness is wicked cool.

I matted the whole thing on a goldy-orange striped paper, and that went on my card base.  I didn't think it really wanted anything else, with all the gold, so it was really pretty simple!

So, there's my card.  Hope it brings you some sunshine!

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  1. Fan"tan"stic card!!! Really, I think you should give her to her, fitting and I love that you have used what "used to be her" it!!

  2. That is one lovely card!
    Awesome sentiment!

  3. Whoever gets it, will be tickled! What a cute card...great sentiment! Gotta love that one! Thanks for sharing your gifted goodies with us! You have wonderful friends!

  4. Wow, you completed the entire card in your own way! Totally creative and oh-so-organic (double wow)! What a perfect card for your tanned SIL!

  5. Richard- I am honored! Wonderful concept and I love it to pieces! Gotta go and catch some rays!

  6. Had to grab my sunblock : ) From the looks of this card (marvelous) and the sounds of your SIL (tanned) I think this should be her card. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I think you should definitely use this card for her. . .I think it would be appreciated from so many angles. Love the quote you used on the front, and I love this resist technique. Hope you are happy and well. . . Best, Curt


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