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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mr Cardmaker's Head is in the Clouds

Well, I finally got to play with some of the awesome collection of stamps my friend AJ Otto gifted me a while back.  Boy was THAT fun!  New stamps, especially ones you didn't have to shop for, reach into a fantastic place in your brain, making all your creative juices percolate and ooze. 

Well, some things turned out really great, and some were sorta "meh." I attribute it to just not finding the right groove with these stamps, or at least, not finding it yet

Anyway, to get started, I did a couple along the same lines.  I like to see what different colorways do to an idea.

I made these--

I think I was trying to line up the stamp in order to strengthen the lines, and I clearly missed.  I have no idea why I would have tried to do a shadow stamp here, so...
I do like the juxtaposition of the stamped and die cut clouds.  Any cloud is good for me!  I think I could have been more successful had I masked the balloon or cut out another one and mounted it on top.  (I may do that yet!)
As you can see, here I started with stronger lines, so that's better.  Still not sure why I thought it was okay for the balloon to be transparent....oh well...

So!  Learned here--
Panel placement and clouds = good!  balloon on top of pre-stamped clouds = not-as-good. 
Oh yeah--The die cut clouds are done with shimmer paper.  Me likey that, almost as much as my Amuse Studio Clouds Duo dies!

I guess there's a learning curve for almost all of our new supplies!  That's why our best work comes when we are playing around, amiright?

Go play!

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  1. Wow! These are just so much fun! Love the sentiment, too! Great cards, my friend...glad you have such good friends, that send you stamps!

  2. They all look good to me. I enjoy your way of figuring out what "went wrong" not that anything is wrong. I have found that those clouds also look good in vellum, or felt, or that felt with the glittery stuff in it, all depending on the card. Do you think maybe you had problems with the creativity BECAUSE you didn't pick out the stamps? Thanks for sharing.

  3. YOU is right! There is a learning curve....all the time! I have to say I agree with the shimmery clouds. GORGEOUS!!!! Yeah...I see where you're going with the transparent balloon....I do think it's cool. I love balloons stamped onto dp also! But these are certainly not "meh" cards at all! =)

  4. I think they're wonderful!
    Love the sentiment!
    Any cloud is a bee-you-ti-full cloud!


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