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Monday, September 9, 2013

When Only the Very Best Will Do..

You know how sometimes you make a card, and it all just comes together SO well that you hate to part with it?

Yeah, not too often, but sometimes.  For me, anyway...

Well, I made this card a while ago, and I really loved it.  It all fell right into place, the colors and the angles, and the washi tape--everything.

I decided that I would save it, and maybe even submit it for publication.  'Cause I'm looking to get famous from all of this, don'tcha know.

Uh, yeah...That didn't happen.  My friend Karlah's birthday came up, instead.  Karlah and I were besties back in high school, and she's one of those "forever on the top of the list" folks that we all have in our lives.  You don't hold back on people like that.

So, off it went. 
It looks like this--

I made this card (on a 4 1/4" square base) with Wplus9's Fresh Florals set on the inner die cut and the sentiment, and Avery Elle's Celebrate set to do that embossed white frame.

I stamped the flowers, and got the whole thing done before I noticed it was WAY too bright to go with the My Mind's Eye paper I hose for the background.  Well, I wasn't about to chuck it, so I grabbed my white pigment ink and a sponge, and I slowly and gently knocked all the colors back into a more pastel looking place.  I almost looks like a misty garden, I think.

I used a Memory Box die to do the tree.  A few scraps of paper, some rhinestones on top of sequins, some washi, and there it is.
 I think the mix of elements and the way they all balanced out is the reason I find this one to be so successful.  If I could get that to happen ALL the time, that would be good. This is why we practice!

I have been trying to be aware of the fact that you can do lots of overlapping elements  that leave the frame of the card base, as long as you REMEMBER to cut the card base back (which doesn't always happen for me), and keep tabs on how far your overlapping is going.
 My goal is to get the thing into an envelope, so I keep an eye out for it NOT to exceed the 4 1/4"x5 1/2" measurements.  I rarely have occasion to do cards that go without envelopes, though I know others do really well at that.  Of course you could MAKE envelopes, too, but I like ready made when I can do it.

Karlah really loved her card-- maybe as much as I did.  (I am suspecting an unhealthy obsession here)
I am wistful about it, but there's more where THAT came from!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Please tell your crafty friends that I'm here, and invite them to stop by.  Never enough friends to be had!

All best to you--


  1. Love the tip on how to un-brighten the colors!! I would have totally chucked it and started over again!

  2. Wonderful layering of so many elements! I like the angle, too--very cool!

  3. That is one great card!
    I'm so glad you could "let go"!
    Just remember, Karlah will probably keep it forever!

  4. You are so sweet, to let a favorite go TO a favorite! Love the fun angles and colors on this one. The tree is such a stark contrast...perfectly done, dear friend!

  5. The layering and elements are beautiful! It truly is a labor of LOVE! I know Karlah will cherish it. I realize now (a little late perhaps) that our most favorite cards can not always be published...they meant to be shared and held up close by VERY special people :)

  6. No wonder you didn't want to part with it - it's magnificent!


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