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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tuesday Trigger, or Sometimes It Just All Comes Together

Well, this is just a quick one to get this card I made for Moxie Fab World's Tuesday Trigger contest.

This is the trigger photo--

Ooo, pretty, right?  Lovely colors, and nice shiny porcelain....

Ok, so I made this--

This took me a million hours to do, mostly because I struggled to do another card, only to go back and see I used TOTALLY wrong colors....I would have SWORN I remembered blue in that photo...
That one looks like this-- 
But wait!  Let me tell you about the one I LIKE first!
So, I really wanted to get the idea of the comb, so I scored vertical lines on the card front to reference them.  LOVE my Scor-Buddy for this stuff.  Now, I also love my Scor-pal, when I am doing big stuff, but for every day, if you have the choice, pick the Scor-Buddy.  MUCH easier to deal with.  I also see a TON of the Martha Stewart mini boards, but while they do have way more grooves, I hear about the stylus jumping all over your cardstock sometimes.  Don't have one, can't say for sure.
The text paper is from Stampin up, and I tore the edges and swiped the whole thing with white pigment ink, pad to paper, just to soften it.  On top of that is half a doily, then little sprigs punched with a Martha Stewart punch.  (A must have, for me)
The flower.  Well, I really wanted a peach flower, but I have NO peach paper.  How is THAT possible?  So, I used orange, and topped it with vellum.  Peach-ISH! Or peach via trick-o'-the-eye!
That's done with a SU punch and stamp set. I did the stamping in versamark, and embossed with white powder.  I love how some of the stamped part actually shows through the vellum!
The center is one of the old build-a-brad things from SU, and the center is a scrap of the paper I did the leaves with.  They're done with a Sizzix sizzlit on some VERY old paper I had been hoarding a scrap of.  Happy to use it in JUST the right spot!
The best part, for me, is where I get to reference the white porcelain bowl by using white enamel accents around the center brad, and in among the leaves.  Subtle shine, but nice impact, and that "little something extra."

Ok, now for the one that didn't make it--

So, remember the card I made HERE?  On this card I used the piece that was used as the stencil.  Waste not, want not.  I seriously thought a day after looking at the photo, that the flowers on the comb were pink and cream, with some green and a pop of blue.  WHERE did I get THAT from? 

This is a bit (!) on the fussy side for me, really, but I guess it's an okay card, all in all.

I was lucky enough to hear Vidal Sassoon speak a few years ago, and he showed some photos from over the years.  Some were CRAZY hairdos, which he admitted to, but he said about them, "if we hadn't done this, we would never have gotten HERE (Insert picture of lovely hairdo)."  The process isn't always pretty.  The results are what we present to everybody else. 

I showed you some of my process because we're tight like that.  I don't do this with just ANYBODY, you know!  Hope it helps, somehow.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Weekend!

All Best-


  1. WOW! That's all I got to say!
    They're both awesome, and way to go with the peach-ish flower!
    Works for me!

  2. You totally nailed the inspiration photo! Great idea scoring for the comb lines, and gosh, the card turned out so beautifully! Love the second one too, but, that first one has a ton of WOW factor! Great job - it's a winner in my book. Sometimes I hate random dot org :) Just sayin.... Vidal would love it :)

  3. ***THUD*** that I picked myself off the floor......O.M.G!!! That card is a stunner.....FANfreakintastic!!!! And oh...the lines for the comb teeth.....not all equally lined up (like my OCD demands!) is GENIUS!!! You really should have submitted this one Richard....I can soooo see it in a magazine!!! Now....the second card...or is it the first? LOL I do like it....I love the honeycomb! But that first one....oh yeah baby! Seriously one of THE most gorgeous cards I've seen!!!! Oh and what a great quote from Vidal very true!!!

  4. Great post! Interesting quote from Vidal Sassoon - I'll have to remember that!
    Now for you TT card - total stunner! I love the layered vellum, the scoring - love the variation of space - makes it more interesting. I love the book paper, the doillie a, the gem, the leaves!! Ha, ha I love it all!!!! I like the eclectic feel of the second card too - the blue really makes it.

  5. Wow, this card is fabulous! It's better than the trigger pic, but don't tell Cath!

  6. Oh dear Lord, Richard, you're killing me here! That is without a doubt one of the prettiest cards I have ever seen! The second card is also fantastic, but so totally different from the first. I just have to say WOW!

  7. OK, where's my frame? That first card needs to be in a card museum! Gorgeous! And the second, I agree is way different, but a bit Asian, well a beauty too! Way to go!

  8. Wonderful cards! Love your take on the Trigger challenge!

  9. Absolutely breathtaking are you saying the peach flower is 2 papers

  10. Holy crap!!! I'm in love. Truly, truly beautiful.

  11. Oh I can't tell you how many times I remember the inspiration card different than what it is when I go to link up my masterpiece only to find I got it all wrong. Your first card... swoon.. that vellum doily is brilliant and something I hope you will let me case - I think this is a winner and am keeping my fingers crossed. Really gorgeous!!! And your second card - no mistakes here. I love the blue and red and wood grain together!

  12. Ok first you crack me up. I love reading your posts. Second, I am uber impressed by the final card. It is PERFECT!!! and although the second is good, I didn't see the relationship to the picture as well. k, there is my 2 cents for what i'ts worth!

  13. I think your final card is just stunning!! A winner for sure! :-)

  14. Wowzers!! That flower on the first and that satin bow on the second....delicious!

  15. Both are great cards, but WOW!!! The first one really captures the essence of the inspiration pic-vintage and gorgeous! I rather like the pop of blue in the second card!

  16. Great cards, love your choice. The patterned paper leaves look great.

  17. Absolutely adore the card your entered. The single flower with all that texture is gorgeous. A winner to be sure.

  18. Hey Richard! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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