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Friday, April 4, 2014

April Showers Bring BIRTHDAYS, Apparently...

The nephews are a-comin'.  Well, their birthdays are, anyway.  I have one of their cards to share today.

I made this--

I love mixing up these random patterns.  I think this came out rather well, actually.  The majority of these papers are from Cosmo Cricket, and the retro patterns make me happy.  This one is for nephew Adam, who, at 19, just bought his first HOUSE.  I thought the household gizmo paper the that the sentiment is stamped on was good for the new homeowner.  I think the birthday check will buy a few of said gizmos, too.

Another view--

And, the inside--( I can NEVER get these to photograph correctly.  I just don't know what to do about that...)

Imagine this with much less yellow involved. 
I think as long as I use a black pen, this busy paper will still work out ok. 
So that's that.

Hey, we got a dog!  Our friend was in need of a home for his dad's dog.  His dad passed away, and his mom just couldn't manage Max, since she has some health issues.  So, we got to take him home with us!  So cute--

Meet Max!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. First off, that Max is SO handsome!!! You will certainly enjoy his company, and I'm sure he'll love you guys! Great card, Richard - perfect for your nephew and his brand new house! Hope you are well, my friend - miss seeing you around :) Happy weekend!

  2. What an amazing and cheery card, Rich! Love it!
    Max looks adorable! You are so kind to take him in - I believe animals know when they have been given something special and dogs, especially, will work to show their in-ending gratitude! Wishing the best for your growing family!

  3. Love the retro card! I thought the patterned balloon was glossy at first - great highlighting! You could try folding the card inside out so that the inside is at the front (though the top crease might not be as neat after that). Max is gorgeous!

  4. Card is awesome!
    19 huh!
    My kid was 21, joined the Navy, doesn't live here.
    I moved his sister in, so I don't have to clean up after renters anymore....we're renovating, then listing it!
    I don't want to be the property manager anymore!
    In fact, I'm on my way to paint a bedroom ceiling & prime walls!
    Anyhoo, I wish him luck!


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