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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Well, There's That Calendar I Made....

So, as I paddle furiously, trying to catch up on posting about some of the things I have been making, I wanted to show you one of the two calendars I managed to get put together this year.

This one was for Charlie's mom--

Sorry about the photo quality.  I forgot to photograph it at home, and this was taken with my phone.

I decided to try my hand at mixing papers.  Clearly, not a HUGE effort on this one, but I am slow on the pickup on some of this stuff.

So, my first layer is a text sort of paper, with recipes and stuff.  I layered the blue floral on top of it, and then added that strip of weird green graphic paper on the left side.  Whoa, hold him back!  He's goin' CRAZY up in here!  Those got layered onto a green piece of cardstock, picking up the green in the paper, and that got put onto the base which is a blue that goes with the blue flowered paper.  In between I punched a white piece with a large scalloped punch, just for a bit of movement.

The 2014 is die cut from black card stock, and the 0 and 4 are popped up on foam adhesive.  I found a free download for the calendar itself, which I printed out.
I cut it into 12 pieces (for the 12 months), and used Elmer's to glue together the tops of the sheets, so it formed a pad.

The flower stacked die cuts, with a stamped die cut for one of the leaves, and another die cut leaf from a glitter paper that has been lingering for years in my scrap box.  Add the button as a flower center, and there it is.

I made one for Charlie, too, which I also forgot to photograph.  If I can remember to ask him to run it home for me, I'll show you that one someday.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
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  1. Oh, I really like the colors and paper combo...and the placement of the 2014 on the left. So dramatic!

  2. Good grief...I must have been under a huge rock...I've missed so much! No, honestly, I was under the weather but I didn't realize you'd posted this much. I am all caught up now and OMG...a new pet too?!!! That's fabulous and now you have a crafting buddy to lay on your feet! I'm totally enthralled with all the eclectic designs you've posted lately and I love that they range from Christmas to birthday to calendar to's a major boost of inspiration that is needed on this end of the computer!
    Hope all is going well and you're still madly crafting away...
    Lisa x


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