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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mr Cardmaker is Catching Up a Bit

Well, I have just been terrible about blogging this year so far, and it's almost MAY.  Boo, me!
I have been hanging onto this photo for a while now, and I wanted to share it. 
Nephew Elliot has his birthday in January, and he's a BIG ski buff.  He and his dad take a few skiing trips every year, and they have a bunch of ski jumping steel structures in their yard as well, so I would definitely say they are INTO it.

For Elliot's birthday, I made this--
I am always glad to come up with a snowy card for Elliot, because I already have all my things out from all my Christmas cards. 
I was given the skier stamp by my SIL Jan, who stamped for about 3 seconds years ago.  I guess the bug either bites, or it doesn't.  I stamped him in 5 different inks, going from lightest to darkest.  The first two don't read terribly different in this photo, but they do in real life.

I punched lots of snowflakes out of vellum, and used the edge with all the negative cuts as the base for the two layers to the left of the skiers.  I stacked up lots of vellum snowflakes with some white ones, and added some white Enamel Accents dots.  Snowstorm accomplished!

To mount the skier panel, I popped up just the left side with foam adhesive and adhered the right side right to the card surface.  I wanted it to look like the snow was bursting out of the card.  Whether or not that reads, I am not so sure.  I kinda dig it, though.

What I would do differently (in the event of a next time)--
1.  I would have trimmed the velum panels down to fit inside the borders of the skier panel.
2.  I would have done even more punching along the inside edge of the velum pieces, so no straight line was visible in the snowstorm.
3. More snowflakes! 

So, that's my card. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best--


  1. I just love the name Elliot! I'm sure he loved this - my gosh, you punched snowflakes in measures of OODLES! Great card, sir Richard, and I think we may have the same place mats :)

  2. So great!
    I'm always up for a snowflake card!

  3. Wow! It is a snowstorm!
    I love this card and have to admit that ADTER you said it, I agree about the straight lines of the vellum! I am pretty sure I wouldn't have noticed it without your comment, though. The thought (making it so personal for Elliot) is the most important thing! Hugs!

  4. Great way to use the gives the impression of movement! Love the stacks and stacks of snow flakes and the fact that you used vellum! I am trying to remember to pull out my old vellum (in every color of the rainbow) from years ago and USE it!!


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