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Friday, December 19, 2014

Mr Cardmaker and the Little Tag of Inspiration

Well, I have this habit of taking a small element, and using it as the inspiration for a whole card.
It can be a scrap of paper on my work table that looks cool, it can be a die cut, or the negative of a die cut, it can be a stamped image that was snipped halfway off another project that just happened to catch my eye.  Or, sometimes I'll make a small element, and, like a small dog, I'll refuse to let it go.

So, I had these tiny tags.  I stamped a bell on them, embossed them in silver, and added a stamped red bow. So cute.  Now, how to use them...

Well I made these--

See the insides of the letters in "jingle" INSIDE the card?  Sorta weird when you open the card, but cute when closed...

Now, You KNOW how I am about using my flair pieces. I must have REALLY wanted that Santa on there...

Getting a little wild with the sequins...Oh, and there's the positive die cut from the first card...

Why not a color change?  Pink is my FAVE Christmas color...I must have been feeling free and easy with the flair, once it was opened...

Well, I ran out of my tags, but I was on a roll with this card style...

This one is my fave of this series, I think.  The ombre on the letters just works for me. My little wooden trees make me so happy..
 PS-these Tim Holtz dies are SO much easier to work with than I ever dreamed they would be!

Here's the inside--

Hey, when I say Winter Wonderland, I don't mess around!
More to come...
Thanks for stopping by!
All Best--


  1. Love the variations on a theme. And nobody likes his flair quite like you do!

  2. Ohhhhh these are fabulous!!!! Love the little focal points and the awesome die cutting!

  3. I rarely say the word fabulous and then I look and the comment before me said the same thing, so now I can't : ) how about this - FAB-U-LOUS! does that count? Love your flair, keep it coming! I think the white space is most dramatic especially since I can't do it - I can't leave a space unfilled : 0

  4. Love love love the look on these cards. Wonderful colorful clusters and lots of white space - yummie!


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