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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mr Cardmaker CASE-es His Way Through the Holidays

There were 72 Christmas cards this year, and only one Hanukkah card, plus a Hanukkah tag.  I did do multiples of some of the designs and I CASE-ed a couple of designs ( read: almost DIRECTLY stolen). Hey, when inspiration takes a vacation...

There are way too many cards to share in one post, so I am going to try to clump some together by type.  Hopefully I can get them all in posts before Christmas!

So, about the cards I CASE-ed--(CASEd? CASE-d? Whatevs...)

The wonderful Julie Ebersole made this card on the Ellen Hutson Blog (Julie has her own blog as well!)--

Lovely, right?
Well, I WON this stamp set during a blog hop, and I was STUMPED as to how to use it until I saw Julie's card.

So, I made these--

Yup, serious CASE here. I think I kind of NEEDED to do these, just so I could get the stamps in my hands and head.  They do make a fun rustic-y card.

A closer look--

 SO, I liked this idea so much, I took it and ran with it just a bit.

I made three of these--

So, not HUGELY different, but I did do some different things, including the silver stars, and the white detailing on the rooftops and trees.

Also, I did something I either hadn't seen before, or forgotten about.

To do my snow hills, instead of doing two layers of card stock, I cut a slit in the one panel, and wedged my foam tape under the center of that slice. The edges are flush mounted, as is the part of the slice that makes up the background hill.

Maybe a closer view will help with that weird description--

I added some Stickles to help point up the hills. I like the hand cut look with these rustic looking stamps.

Thanks for the inspiration, Julie!

Well, since I was on the CASE train, I wasn't about to hop off quickly
SU demo Connie Stewart has a great YouTube channel where she shares simple, fun and FAST cards. She also has a website, so stop by.

She made this card--

FLASH CARD - Snow is Falling Christmas Card -
It was so fast, and really charming, in blue, white, and silver.

So, using this as a template, I made this--

I had NONE of the stamps that she used, but the idea is definitely there.  I produced five of these, I think, and they were so fast and so fun to do.  Thanks, Connie!

Finally, I saw a card made with a stamp set that was primarily frames.  I have no idea who did it, or where I saw it, and my apologies to the creator of this card, because I REALLY liked the idea. It was several frames together, in different colors.  That was all, except for maybe a sentiment.

I made two cards, really CASE-ing this card, using many stamp sets to get enough frames pulled together.  I was not happy with just the frames (I think I needed one more, probably), so I added some stickers. Love these ONE DOLLAR stickers from JoAnn's.

I made these--

If you know whose cards I CASE-ed, please let me know, so I can credit them!

Well, those are the cards that I made where I am happy to have been taken by the hand and led to success by somebody else's work.  I have a lot more to share, but I wanted to take a moment to thank those who so generously share their hard work for us all (and especially me, this time) to enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!
All best-


  1. That is an impressive number of cards and WOWZERS you made beautiful ones. CASED possibly but you also added your own touch and these are all fantastic. The second design had my eyes popping out.
    Have a super weekend!!!

  2. Wonderful cards! Caseing CAS cards is a Compliment to the Creator! That toungue twister popped into my head while reading your wonderful post! :)

  3. Love hte clean feel of the cards with the frames! Who knew I needed frame stamps?! Definitely a hole to fill in my scrap stash.

  4. These are wonderful Richard!! I love how you created the dimension on the snowy hills! Great work on all of these!!

  5. All I can say is WOW - especially love the black and white. Thanks for the "hill" tip, that's great. You sure do rock the Casing - I can't do it. Thanks for sharing!


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